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Hey Product Hunt! We created the Android app using a modern material design for an experience that feels familiar to Android users, but still is unmistakably Periscope. Please let us know what you think!
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@pandemona Hello Sara! I've tried to open the link, but Google Play said it's unavailable. Is this still restricted on some countries?
@wilbertliu @pandemona No geo-restrictions! Just took longer than expected to propagate.. here you go:
I have a personal question for you, @pandemona. Why did you decide to join Periscope? (context for everyone else: Sara left Secret shortly before it shut down)
@rrhoover psssst, your personal question was published publicly. fair mistake.
@rrhoover Oh Ryan, Sara's previous job is a secret too 😆
@rrhoover I first got on the Periscope beta back in December and was floored by it. I joined Periscope for so many reasons, but here are a few :) 1) I love, love, love the app. To me, Periscope is a game changer. I've seen video and I've seen livestreaming and I've seen social media, and Periscope takes all of these and then the whole product transcends the sum of its parts. 2) Low-latency live video on mobile, especially on Android, is a new challenge for me. I love the challenges of bringing a great iOS app to the Android world, and Periscope is no exception. This time around, being able to target 4.4+ allowed us to really focus on the user experience, and we're going to keep doing that. 3) Have you met @kayvz and his team?! (Haha @rrhoover, I know you have). These folks are *exactly* the kind of people I love to work with. Friends, I'll be around all day so please feel free to ask me a question here or drop me a line on Twitter!
Congrats on the android launch kayvon, Sarah and team! What are some of your biggest learnings since launch a month ago?
@eriktorenberg Thanks Erik! Few things we learned, in no particular order: 1) Mechanics/memes that help users feel more comfortable with the idea of live-broadcasting are really powerful. We scratched our heads in fascination wondering why the "#Fridge" meme caught on so quickly in Periscope. Our best theory is that showing your fridge (or asking somebody to show theirs) was just an easy ice-breaker (no pun intended) on a new medium. Users who didn't really know what to do/show as they were playing with the app for the first time had an easy outlet. As silly as the meme was, it actually turned into a great way for folks to experiment with the different tenets of the app (interactivity through viewers asking questions and broadcasts responding, for example). The other mechanic that proved really useful was "Hearts", since they serve as a great feedback mechanism ("Are people liking what I'm showing?") that makes people a bit more comfortable sharing in such a raw/personal medium. 2) We were blown away by the geographic diversity of users and content on Periscope. We’ve seen usage from every country in the world (with the exception of Yemen, I believe) in a very short period of time. 3) One of things we’ve had to balance is juggling long-term priorities/objectives with smaller/less-grandoise (but nevertheless important) needs. By the latter I mean, improvements to existing features, bug fixes, user feedback, etc. And by the former I mean: the big, exciting leaps that we’ve been thinking about for a long time that take longer to implement. Balancing these is always difficult as part of any product development process for any company. It's been fun learning how to address that balance at a scale that is new and exciting for us. 4) The creativity of our community and users has been stunning. We were always excited by the prospect of sharing a tool with the world to see how folks would use it. But it’s been really heartwarming seeing communities of different folks pop up and use Periscope in ways we hadn’t conceived of while we were building it. This has been one of the most motivating aspects of the last ~7 weeks.
This is amazing timing. I'll be Periscope-ing Google IO this week. Follow me on Twitter (@karangoel) or Periscope (@karangoel). This is exciting!
@pandemona looks great. and nice job with optimizing the size (<9MB). I find that a lot of communication apps are bloated for no particular reason.