Periscope Guests

Periscope newest update allows you to go live with guests 🌍

Periscope's newest update comes with the ability to allow you to share your broadcast with guests, allowing them to join in smoothly.

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Digging this approach, @kayvz and team. I'm going to do a call-in later this morning. Topics: Products and apps you ❤️ that more people need to know about. P.S. Those interested in this should check out Dialog too.
@kayvz @rrhoover I LOVE this audio update. Periscope always felt too limited as one-way dialog.
@rrhoover FYI Dialog has been acquired by Shopify – was talking with the founder a few days ago and they couldn't tell me if the service would still be supported in a month from now. Quite sad as I loved the idea of doing our Maker Mag podcast live using it. Will check out Periscope Guest, but I imagine they will make it complicated to download your shows to re-post on other platforms.
@anthilemoon oh wow, really? Is this public?
Going to check it out...also thought i'd mention is doing this already and you can stream to multiple networks simultaneously.
It felt like Periscope was done and out the second Twitter announced it's built live platform, but this update breathes fresh air into the app
People still use periscope???