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@Kayvz this thing is beautiful! Huge congrats to the team. Everything looks so slick and thoughtful; zoom in/out, orientation agnostic and specifically the hearts which are our team's favorite! Beautiful product 🎉🎉🎉
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@Kayvz @benrbn Damn Ben makes it hard to not be rooting for Meerkat
@benrbn Gracious responses to both the "little guy" who was working on a competitor and gave it up, and THE direct competitor with all the backing in the world. Impressive.
@Kayvz @benrbn Come on, Ben, you need to be a bit less likeable.
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@Kayvz @benrbn Thanks man. Let's get together! It's tempting to dogfood and meet over Meerscope, but I say we do it the old fashioned way :) By the way, one of the most serendipitous things that I find fascinating is how both of our metaphors (the Meerkat & the Periscope) share the same characteristic of peering up/down/side-to-side. Feels like telepathy, or as you call it, "spontaneous togetherness" that we share such a similar metaphor. <3
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@Kayvz agreed! :-) pinging you now we should def grab breakfast!
Nice timing :) (7 hours to go)
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I wonder if anyone will Periscope the Meerkat team meerkating its funding announcement.
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@benln one can only hope. At least with Periscope you can watch it if you miss it.
@benln @paulprins $14m at a 40m valuation from Greylock (dont quote me) but ya time to pivot boys! Meerkat Roulette
hey guys, Kayvon here. I'm co-founder (along with Joe Bernstein) & CEO of Periscope. So excited to share what we've been working on with you guys. Happy to answer any questions you guys might have. I've long been an admirer of Product Hunt, so I'm excited to have something close to my heart on here finally :)
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@kayvz Appreciate you will get lots of questions today, especially with the live streaming frenzy that is going on recently.... any idea when the Twitter integration will be live? I want to stream an event for my company in 45 minutes haha
@bentossell yep, Twitter integration will be live around 7am PST (the original time of our launch). Looks like our app store link was discovered quite a few hours earlier than we would have hoped, hence the delay there :) sorry about that!
@kayvz Hi, Kayvon. I was wondering if you could tell me a bit about how you and your team is handling the media attention focused on Periscope. It's a very unique situation. Not many apps launch to such buzz and a manufactured horse-race against a close competitor (I don't believe this is a winner take all scenario). Do you guys talk about Meerkat internally? Embrace the media attention? Block it all out? Is it exciting or scary? How do you keep your team focused and productive with all this going on?
@kayvz will you at some point be able to schedule broadcasts on periscope? One of the biggest complaints I've heard is people have never even seen a live stream because they click a dead link.. (Different since periscope records) I've found its nice to be able to alert followers prior to so they can join.
@eric3000 Hey Eric, I appreciate the question. The situation has felt really bizarre. Our preference would have been to stay heads down and under the radar until we launched. We'd rather have our product speak for itself. Having the acquisition be public for even a couple weeks just builds unintended hype and anticipation, which leads to all kinds of judgement, distraction and expectation. It's really weird working on something for a year, and then having people judge it without you having really been ready to share it yet. But given how much media attention Twitter gets generally, it was unavoidable for the press to write about rumors once news of the deal leaked. All that being said, we really just tried to zone it out as much as possible and remind ourselves that we've been working hard on something for awhile, and that we owed it to ourselves to focus for the home stretch without getting caught up in the juicy dialogue in the media.
Wow. That was quick.
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@irvingtorresyc yeah! Today I played with Periscope and became a "MOST LOVED" user. My learnings: -People start watching from recent periscopes, and keep watching if it's good. That's the only way to get 20+ people to watch you. -Walks: I walked to lunch, kept the camera focus to what I was doing and people were like: "This is real". They told me to put more & more pepper. And I did :) -Unexpected stuff: I was offering my ice cream to random people on campus. Everyone was happy. -Strong following on Twitter helps a lot! I don't have it, but the MOST LOVED list is full of them. -Meta stuff works as usual: Periscope inside Periscope. -Cats! (big surprise) Hope it helps you guys!
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@irvingtorresyc don't think they had a choice!