Performance by Humi

Goals, Feedback, and Reviews. Everything your company needs.

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Humi now lets any Canadian company do Goal Tracking (OKRs), 360 Feedback, and One on One reviews for free.
Thanks @katmanalac We're excited to announce the launch of our Performance module for Canadian SMBs. Just like all of the other tools inside of Humi, its easy to use, effective as a management tool, and free for your company to use. Performance will allow you to track company goals, survey the company for anonymous feedback, and do in depth One-on-One Reviews. One-on-One Reviews - Streamline reviews between your managers and employees with a simple way to foster productive discussions. Goals - Track progress within your company by creating goals for individuals and team. 360 Feedback - Easily run anonymous surveys for groups of employees that create beautiful reports.
@kkliman @katmanalac sounds awesome, congrats on the launch! Hope to see Humi in the Slack appstore soon :)
@mburns87 @katmanalac :) Slack integration is there... guess we have to work on getting int the app store.
Been a very happy Humi user for almost a year - great product, and it comes with free maple syrup! Excited to use Performance :) ok maybe it doesn't come with maple syrup but its a great product and it is Canadian 🙏
Well done, team Humi!
Very much needed in Canada!!!