Smart global traffic, load-balancing and analytics

#2 Product of the DayApril 04, 2019
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PerfOps is a platform that offers a complete set of tools to benchmark and analyze your internet infrastructure and use that data to intelligently route internet traffic based on real-time data to optimize availability and performance.
Simple Multi-Cloud/CDN
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Dmitriy A.
Dmitriy A.MakerPro@jimaek · Founder at Prospect One. CDN expert
While our platform has existed for a while we only recently released the FlexBalancer service that tightly integrates into our system and allows for load-balancing of internet traffic based on parameters such as performance, uptime, location, distance and more. It can simplify and lower the cost of deployment of multi-Cloud and multi-CDN services. An example use case is combining multiple CDN providers and load-balancing the users based on performance and uptime to achieve best possible experience. Or add the cost of bandwidth as a variable and lower your CDN bill.
Benoît Tallandier
Benoît Tallandier@b_tallandier · CEO @ Twake
Great Product. Your UI is clean. I like your Latency Test tool, it's very visual 👏
Hansine Møller
Hansine Møller@criesuck19
Keep going! Like this!
Lily Granger
Lily Granger@lily_granger1 · Im interested in Media and Finance.
seems interesting. upvoted!