Automated conversations for fashion brands and retail

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Thanks Misbah for hunting us! We created PerfectPi to help brands and retailers create next generation customer experiences through messaging. Most brands are now going direct to customer and want to know their customers better. This is what PerfectPi helps them do. We support only FB Messenger right now but will roll out to other platforms soon. Happy to hear feedback and answer any questions :)
Congrats on the launch @_anupg! What has been your most surprising experience working with brands and retailers? Any interesting engagement through PerfectPi?
@kunalslab Thanks Kunal! Working with brands and retailers has been most interesting. - Most surprising is that brands, especially outside the US, are waiting to use Whatsapp for Business. That platform is the sleeping dragon. Will be huge :) - With retailers closing shops at an alarming rate, customer engagement is a top priority. - End users are liking the experience. We are seeing 4x form completion rates and 60% lower customer acquisition costs. - That said, brands are still figuring out their implementation strategy, meaning sales cycles are long. Implementation cycles are longer :) The latest engagement was created by our newest client, StyleNook. They have created a simple automated conversation to understand style preference. Try it:
It can be a great intimate channel for influences, Youtubers, Bloggers, News Publishers. The feature "New Launches" will help them in sharing content at scale.
Thanks for this, I have tried it and its great. It helped me in my YouTube channel promotion.
@amol_kavitkar Thank you kind sir! Your feedback throughtout the beta has been most helpful.
Congrats Anup and Ashutosh. PerfectPi can bring a revolution in the online shopping experience. This is the perfect blend of latest research with practical applications.