Perfect Beach VR

Imagine a glorious tropical beach and you on it.

So this really is just imagining you are on a beach? Crazy
@bentossell (sorry for resurrecting old post, I'm currently building a collection around VR :) ) I've had a very surprising experience trying an app like this, "toscane", where you basically just walk around in a (very well modelized) villa in Italy. I was batch testing lots of apps, and basically thought "well, ok. Next.". And then, I've reached the balcony. I had there a wide view of the sea, with lot of sun, hearing seagulls and the sea itself. In that early January in Europe, about 0°C outside with not much light, it was incredibly relaxing, even not thinking for a second it was the reality. I stayed there not moving for about ten minutes :P I think there is something to explore, here: building relaxing / meditative scenes you can drop in to affect your mind in a desired way and then do your hard thinking work there, or just chill out.
@oelmekki I have a google cardboard, I should check this out!
Just add smell-o-vision