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#3 Product of the DayJune 23, 2016

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Hi Everyone! We’re PepperFilters :) We ended up here by accident.. But happy to be here! This morning @Danielwyb and I were sitting outside a coffee shop taking a 10 minute break to watch Justin Kan’s Snap Story (@JustinKan).. We saw that him and Nick were boarding a flight to Vancouver.. And we were in Vancouver. We ran to Staples and got a poster made then ripped to the airport to surprise him at the gate. We also bought maple syrup to give him for some reason.. He saw the sign and thought we were his driver, we told him we were basically just stalking him and he seemed fine with that! When he found out that there is no Uber in Vancouver he asked us for a ride to his hotel… @Danielwyb and I were legitimately laughing like school girls. We said yes. Once we calmed down, Justin started asking us to pitch him our startup. When we dropped him off at the hotel he even let us demo the product on his story. Justin and Nick are amazing guys and we feel blessed to have been their Uber drivers for the day. You can watch the whole thing as it unfolded on our snapchat channel @The30daystartup and on JustinKan's channel. Anyways! We created this app so that anyone can make a beautiful Snapchat Geofilter – even if you don’t have Photoshop or Illustrator skills/patience. We offer templates and elements that you can personalize and the ability to upload custom graphics or a logo. When you’re done, we make sure it goes live on Snapchat. Please try it out and let us know what you think in the livechat. We're also looking for designers to join our team so please reach out if you or someone you know would be a good fit for this. P.S. We are in the middle of doing a major update to the site. New site design/functionality + new filter designs coming next week!
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@brenny_buoy @danielwyb Thats some epic hustling.
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@brenny_buoy @danielwyb I love the story - that's amazing.
@brenny_buoy @danielwyb @justinkan @the30daystartup Great work getting Justin involved. "sup snaps." Haha.
@brenny_buoy @danielwyb @justinkan @the30daystartup That's some Gary Vaynerchuk hustle. That's epic.
@brenny_buoy I saw the story on Justin's snapchat. So cool to see you guys featured on PH!
Nice GIF explainer:
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@rrhoover thanks for posting this Ryan! This 'launch' happened pretty accidentally... The site is still in development and we are in the middle of a major update to the site (new design/functionality + new/better filters) We'll be ready to officially launch version 1.0 in a few days. Any way we could do this again next week? :)
These guys randomly picked up Justin Kan from an airport in Canada. Justin snapchatted their pitches and I'm definitely planning on using this. They have a redesign coming out next week.
This is pretty awesome. Lacking any photoshop skills whatsoever, I was just about to purchase a customized filter on fiverr. The timing for me could not be any better! Are you guys aware of any location based limitations for filters? Ie. Certain areas where you cannot purchase geofilters?
@sean189 thanks, glad you like it Sean! Yes, Snapchat blocks certain areas during a few big events like Coachella, SF Pride parade etc. If anyone purchases a geofilter through us and we are for some reason not able to run it, we will give you a complete refund and you get to keep the filter design for free :)
I saw this on @JustinKan's Snapchat story and thought it was a great idea. Breaking the barrier between consumer & expensive designers for something that should be available and accessible to all. Great job.
@softtestsash thanks Sacha! We're aiming to turn this into a geofilter marketplace, so there's a variety of different styles & themes :)