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Hi - I'm Jason Goldberg, Founder & CEO of Pepo. Pepo Campaigns takes some of the internal tools we built at Pepo and makes them available for any company to use. What was once a "hack-a-thon" winner, then became a "side-project," and has now become very interesting in itself and blossomed into its own product. Francesco Pacella is the product lead for Pepo Campaigns. I'll allow him to introduce Pepo Campaigns to Product Hunt. We hope you enjoy it and get value from it!
Hi, I'm Francesco Pacella, Product Lead and Co-Founder at Pepo Campaigns. Pepo Campaigns is the first enterprise-grade email marketing platform built on AWS Simple Email Service — enabling organizations of all sizes to harness the power of AWS without writing a single line of code. Pepo Campaigns is a single robust SAAS platform for both campaigns and transactional email. By leveraging Amazon’s vast infrastructure, Pepo Campaigns on AWS is exponentially more reliable and scalable that other email solutions, yet at a fraction of the cost. Pepo Campaigns builds on our team’s 6 years of experience sending >1 billion emails through campaigns, transactional, and targeted trigger emails (for large e-commerce companies like, offering you enterprise-level features at startup speed. -Create gorgeous emails with our drag-and-drop template tool; -optimize your campaigns using insightful reports and analytics; -target your campaigns with advanced segmentation and A/B testing; -Leverage powerful marketing automation to create sophisticated trigger flows; -utilize our API’s to send transactional emails — all made simple with no code required on your end, so your developers can stay focused on the technology while your marketing team can focus on the message. Workflow marketing automation is ready to be rolled out in a couple of week. Simply sign up for Pepo Campaigns - - and try it out for free until mid October. No separate AWS account required. You’ll be up and running in minutes.
Our CEO, Jason Goldberg, recently published the story of how Pepo Campaigns evolved from a hackathon project to the robust product that we are so proud of today. I thought you might want to read it.
Is there something like a demo Account? Would like to test your editor and have a look at the other features, without the need to fully set it up for our domain.
@heikokrebs Hi Heiko, sure, you can browse Pepo Campaigns and all its features with no restrictions just by signing up. You can test the platform without the need to authenticate your domain. Also, there is no commitment or card information information required. If you then will decide to authenticate your domain, until October 15 you can also send up to 250,000 emails for free, to test the sending functionality as well. You can easily sign up here ( ) to start discovering Pepo Campaigns! Please let us know how do you like it and if you like a more detailed demo of the features and functionalities, will be glad to give you a walkthrough.
@siscolino Thanks for your reply. I already set up an account. But when i want to create an campaign to have a look at your editor i cant, because i have to choose a sender and get the error "Domain Not Authorized". A demo account with already some data in it would be great!
@heikokrebs Hi Heiko, Sorry for the late reply, We totally agree with you, that is why as a first step we have just released last week a new get started flow to make thing easier in order to better demo the platform. The Sender Domain need to be associated with the Domain Submitted in in settings. From now on as you create an account fewer info are required and the domain is asked in this initial step. For you case in the specific, just reach the Domain section in settings. Input your domain or a test domain and easily proceed with Campaign creation. When you submit a domain we are sending you some DNS records, but no further step is taken from our side. Please let me know if any further issue.
Could you guys lay out the differences vis a vis Mailchimp or Sailthru?
@wholeearthweb Hi Max, Thank you for your question. As said Pepo Campaigns is the first enterprise-grade email marketing platform built on AWS Simple Email Service — enabling organizations of all sizes to harness the power of AWS without writing a single line of code. Starting from this we can outline our difference with Mailchimp and Sailthru. Difference with Mailchimp: Pepo Campaigns leverages Amazon Web Services technology and offer it to its customers in a plug and play solution. It means to have the best deliverability standard and procedures together with potentially limitless scalability. And this technology is affordable : it enable the customer to allocate critical marketing budget in growth and away from "email sending" expenses. Mailchimp offers you expensive solutions to easy problems. It comes in a playful package, but you have to pay every single feature. Pepo Campaigns comes with all the features naturally included. Difference with Sailthru: This is an easy one. When we were working at Fab and Hem, we were customers of Sailthru. We have literally built what now is Pepo Campaigns in order to leave Sailthru and be independent. We can say somehow that Sailthru has been our initial inspiration. It is unbelievable the costs email marketing can hit when you reach certain levels. In perspective the pricing of Sailthru can be seen as the B2B version of Mailchimp one. To sum up, to start we are offering you the same features built on top of the best email marketing technology you can have out there in the market right now. Delivering quality at a fraction of the cost. Hope this answers your question and we would love to give you a demo of the platform if you are interested!