A voice-driven note taking app 🗣️📝

Penman is a new and improved Notes app which uses the power of your voice, you can speak your thoughts into text, record on the fly remarks, all simply with your voice.

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@mohadese_raoufi nice app, how do you deal with unit economy? I guess Google speech to text is a paid service
@mohadese_raoufi @vladkorobov Hi Vlad, yes Google Api is a paid service which despite our interest makes us available Speech to text only to Premium users
can be useful
Hi there : I am Sobhan one of Co-Developers of Penman, Penman is a new Note taking app that we have been working on for the past 8 months, Penman is enhanced with a couple of handy features but the main one is Speech to Text. - We are using Google Speech to Text API for transcribing speech to text for over 120 different languages - We have also added a Powerful Text Editor with a lot of editing tools to help you with writing your texts more professionally - Notebooks are the way we have implemented to manage your notes, you can simply create and customize a notebook with your own taste and manage your notes via Notebook. We are absolutely open to any idea and suggestions we will be happy to hear from you :)
Good problem to have. :) They call that the Product Hunt Effect.
@joshuapinter Oh my god we weren't expecting that 😂 🤦
@joshuapinter Thanks Joshua its solved now :)