An intelligent writing environment for novelists.

Pencil is an online writing environment that uses artificial intelligence to help writers improve and organize their workflow.

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Hi everyone! Tony from Pencil here. I’m really excited to launch my app on Product Hunt. Some key features include: •Intelligent writing assistance •Project notes •Tracking for characters and locations •Writing goals and stats •Chapter snapshots •Distraction-free zen mode •Export to txt, doc or pdf I would love to hear your feedback and I’m ready to answer any questions.
@anton_medviediev looks awesome! Zen mode is pure love!
@shellehs Unfortunately it does not, and there are no current plans to add markdown
I have written at least 1500 pages in drafts of novels over the years. The amount of time that's been wasted organizing chapters in folders, saving multiple drafts and versions, and emailing it to myself/ loading on flash drive for fear of a hard drive collapse probably totals three months in time (I'm not a fan of other cloud-based word processors). This app looks awesome. I have many, many novelist and memoirist friends and will recommend this. I especially like that you can add notes to each chapter and keep taps on characters and locations. As I use it, I'll add questions. I'm going to transfer my doc into the program.
I like it a lot, would even use it in future to be honest. I gave it a try, but there are still some minor bugs (which is normal as I assume this is early version), such as I couldn't take snapshot at one point or add new chapter.
@ilmi_ali Thanks for pointing that one out, it should be fixed now!

Congrats on the launch! It is sooo cool to be able to keep all your notes, characters and other things in one organized place, and yet have a space to write. Transforms long-form writing which is oftentimes a mess into a smooth and streamlined experience :)


Beautiful distraction-free interface, automatic recognition of characters, places and other entities, intuitive organization system.


None noticed