Penbook for iPad

Write with more than one hundred types of dynamic stationery

Build your perfect digital notebook from more than one hundred types of dynamic stationery. Then, use the most responsive & precise writing experience to pour your ideas, notes, plans, and dreams into it.
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Ben Fox
Founder, User Camp
Hi Product Hunt! I’m Ben from the Penbook team. We’ve always wanted to bring Penbook to the iPad, and when Apple announced PencilKit (and SwiftUI) at WWDC2019 we knew the time was right and we got to work. Penbook is a hyper-focused freehand writing experience with really cool dynamic stationery we call Live Paper. You can take notes next to a day planner that shows you the current time, or mark up a monthly calendar for next year. If you miss paper notebooks and own an Apple Pencil, Penbook will delight you. It’s completely free for use with a single notebook. Hope you love it! We’re looking for feedback from digital note-taking gurus, especially if you have an Apple Pencil.
Roberto MateuA geeky coporate cog.
I'm loving this app, even though it broke my whole workflow :) The concept of Live Paper so obvious, but not something I've seen in any other of the popular note-taking apps. I'm using as a sort of Drafts for drawing and handwriting with Pencil. It's a quick and simple entry point . From there it's either shared into Day One 2.0 for chronological relevant notes, or Apple Notes (which was my previous app for this) for archival. Again congrats @ductionist !
Slaven Radic
User Camp founder
@rmateu Thanks!! That was exactly the idea behind the app: instead of using a physical notebook for ideation, use iPad. And unlike physical notebooks, we can do Live Paper :) A tip: you can actually copy and paste your strokes from Penbook into Notes and they remain editable as a drawing (thank you PencilKit!) :)
Will you ever bring this product to Android?
Hi I have been using Penbook on my iPad for a week now. I love the experience. I am a bit concerned about the slightly pixelated view when I export my book to PDF. Would this be fixed soon? Thank you