Day One 2.0

Ground-up rewrite of the best journal for Mac and iPhone

Day One 2.0 is an easy way to keep a journal, and a powerful way to organize thoughts, ideas, moments, quotes, links, notes, and anything else with text and photos.

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Really dig Day One, although it's kind of a bummer seeing iCloud/Dropbox sync options pulled out. I generally trust Day One, but having my journal entries laying on a small company's servers is pretty sketch. That said, looking forward to whenever they ship private-key encryption this year — — since that'll go a long, long way to easing these concerns.
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@holman Hm -- what has the Dropbox backup been replaced by? Can you still export to PDF and get that out of the app?
@holman No idea for sure, but Day One probably uses AWS or something similar. I doubt their method for storing it is sketch.
@benburns @holman Yes, we have improved PDF Export, plain text / Markdown export and are working on JSON and HTML export flavors.
@thomasmeagher They do use AWS, but I'm more worried about their employees getting popped, or making a mistake, or who knows. My complaints are less about the technology and more about the wisdom of sharing your private thoughts with *any* third party.
I don't see anything on it here, but I really hope they've opened up an API a little bit. I currently use a couple of hack-y solutions to log events from the tools and services I use into Day One (the result, for example, is that I have a log of the day's added tasks, completed tasks, posted photos, social media posts, sleep, steps, workouts, etc.) But the hack-y solution isn't nice to maintain... All I want is a Day One - Zapier/IFTTT connection. ;D Still, looks pretty. Good work, Day One makers.
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@ryanjamurphy Yes! Some of this is actually mentioned in the FAQ: planning on supporting IFTTT! :)
@ryanjamurphy We've been working on our IFTTT Channel the past couple weeks. Looking to launch it soon.
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I still haven't seen a legitimate response/answer regarding pulling iCloud and Dropbox sync. This is quite worrisome. So here are some of the responses from Day One - "iCloud is terrible to support" "In our experience, iCloud = Data loss", "iCloud has always been terrible"
@paulmayne - what are some of the most important things you have learnt over the past 5 years on Day One? What are some of your assumptions from the beginning that you have found are no longer correct? I'd love to keep up a journal of some sort but just feel like it's too much effort and wouldn't know where to even start with something like that. What would you sugest for a first timer looking to get into it?
@bentossell Most important things? Related to the product I would say that slow and steady is a legitimate path to success. We started very small and have grown this idea of a simple journal into something substantial. I no longer assume something is easy or can be done quickly. Every detail and feature takes time to dial in and get just right. Start casual with your journaling. Treat it like Twitter used to be answering the question: What's happening? or What are you doing? "Eating Lunch" is the beginning of something.
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I snagged Day One when it was a free app (July 2014). 660 entires later, I would gladly pay the Day One team back!!!
@thomasmeagher Thank you Tom. Love to hear stories like this.
@paulmayne Just bought Day One 2 for iOS & OS X :)