Day One 2.0

Ground-up rewrite of the best journal for Mac and iPhone


Zach Holman
@holman ·
Really dig Day One, although it's kind of a bummer seeing iCloud/Dropbox sync options pulled out. I generally trust Day One, but having my journal entries laying on a small company's servers is pretty sketch. That said, looking forward to whenever they ship private-key encryption this year — http://dayoneapp.com/sync/ — since that'll go a long, long way to e… See more
Ryan J A Murphy
@ryanjamurphy · Student?
I don't see anything on it here, but I really hope they've opened up an API a little bit. I currently use a couple of hack-y solutions to log events from the tools and services I use into Day One (the result, for example, is that I have a log of the day's added tasks, completed tasks, posted photos, social media posts, sleep, steps, workouts, etc.) But the h… See more
Josh Enderle
I still haven't seen a legitimate response/answer regarding pulling iCloud and Dropbox sync. This is quite worrisome. So here are some of the responses from Day One - "iCloud is terrible to support" "In our experience, iCloud = Data loss", "iCloud has always been terrible"
Ben Tossell
@bentossell · Community Lead, Product Hunt
@paulmayne - what are some of the most important things you have learnt over the past 5 years on Day One? What are some of your assumptions from the beginning that you have found are no longer correct? I'd love to keep up a journal of some sort but just feel like it's too much effort and wouldn't know where to even start with something like that. What woul… See more
Ken Rossi
@kenrossi · CardStack
Sorry not jumping on the bandwagon. The list of new features looks great. However, I love the "classic" design. It's too bad they didn't just extend all these features into the 2.0 - panels, multiple images per post, etc. Also, don't like the tighter design approach to everything especially in the calendar. Your classic design had more negative space. Paddi… See more