AR video app which lets you place your Bitmoji in real space

Pemoji allows you to create fun videos by placing your avatar, Bitmoji, in the real world. All you need to do is to sign in with Snapchat account and it will give you full access to your Bitmoji stickers. You can now fill your friend's room with your Bitmoji and ride your pet with Bitmoji. Fill your space with your Bitmoji and go crazy!

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Awesome idea, @risa_hiyama. Any concerns that this might violate Snap/Bitmoji's T&C? I'm honestly not sure if they'll love or hate this. πŸ˜…
@rrhoover thank you for your message! Since we are using Snapkit, in order to release our app, we had snapcaht review our app. So there should be no problem. ;)
Hi! I am co-developer of Pemoji. This app is using Snap Kit. I made sample codes using Snap Kit. If you're a iOS or Android developer, check it.
Congrats on launching, this looks really cool!
@leandro8209 thank you so much!!!
@risa_hiyama What this was is a lunch form the Pemoji.
Wow, what a great UX! Was placing spacial bitmojis in less than 10 seconds.
@aidan Thank you so much for trying out Pemoji! <3