Request anything & your friends will deliver it to you

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by Ryan Hoover (Founder, Product Hunt)

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It allows anyone to make deliveries based on your commute route, helping you potentially earn a little cash wherever you’re headed. You can either request something be dropped off at your location, or offer to make a delivery by inputting your travel route and seeing if anyone has requests along the way. You get to make the call on how much one delivery costs. PeerShip charges $0.99 per delivery, but you can offer extra money if you need something dropped off more urgently.
👎 for requiring me to give my phone number to get a URL to download the app. Just link to the App Store/Google Play.
@rrhoover Same here :) I was trying to get the app links to post here.. didn't post it bcoz of that!
@rrhoover They ask for phone number to make it easier to get the link if you are on a laptop they just text you, they do the same as Evan Williams
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan for the insight. Few quick notes: 1-I am totally caught off guard right now 2- I am a cancer doctor studying oncology networks and trying to make people's lives better. PeerShip is an attempt at that, and we are offering a way for people to make money on their way. If I offer you 15 dollars to bring me Advil in the middle of the night, there is no reason why an app should charge a 25% fee. Our system would give you those 15 dollars straight to your pocket, and I will be charged 15.99. hope that helps
Thanks everyone. Need your dry cleaned shirts delivered to you? Bought a bicycle wheel off craigslist and need help? List it on PeerShip and your friend next to the dry cleaner or the couch will pick it up for you and deliver it to you on his way. you can also make money on your way by picking up items around you and delivering on your way!