Artist designed webcam covers for digital privacy.

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Much better than a torn post-it note.
Is this just a sticker, or is it removable/reusable? The IT staff at my company bought everyone one of these: Works well. You just slide it when you need to use the webcam. It is fairly ugly with the branding - I'd prefer if it looked as nice as these.
@sleumasm Great question! It's a sticker but without the glue, in a material thats self-adhesive on plastic/glass/metal. So you can easily put in on and off your webcam on all kinds of computers/tablets without leaving traces of glue or needing to replace it with a new one. Simple and sustainable.
The link is now up and running. <3
Love this. I currently use a sticky note, but it's a pain to remove and reapply. Really nice designs too, great work guys!
Just ordered 🙌