Peel Glass

The ultimate iPhone screen protector.

#5 Product of the DayNovember 24, 2015
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A little bit on the Peel Glass backstory: since the start of our little company, we've wanted to produce a screen protector to perfectly compliment our Peel case. We were never happy with the fit or quality of anything in existence. Due to the rounded edges of the iPhone's screen, nothing got close enough to the edge. There was always an ugly gap between the edge of the protector and the case. We refused to release a screen protector unless it perfectly contoured the screen. It had to meet the edge of a Peel case seamlessly. We've finally accomplished this. Unlike other screen protectors, the edges of Peel Glass contour the iPhone's surface, edge-to-edge. We’re proud to say Peel Glass is finally here, and it’s the best screen protector you can buy. I'm happy to answer any questions!
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@marshal I love my peel case... BUT I am always worried about smashing the front of my phone! So I know I need a screen protector - I shall be ordering this :) Have you received much feedback about the peel case not protecting the front of the phones and is that part of the reason why you have developed this? What were some of the biggest pains in the ass when developing this? I imagine it is such intricate business that there could be many frustrating areas!
@marshal Can't wait to receive mine. How about sharing that 20% off coupon guys? :)
@marshal Might have to get me one of these for Christmas. ;-)
@pjsullivan3 @marshal Received yesterday: ordered for iPhone 6S, received one for iPhone 6S Plus :( Hope they will resend the correct one fast!
Lovely to see more curved glass protectors coming up. How does Peel Glass compare to the Cinder glass from Cupert, or other curved glass options for that matter? What's the thickness of the glass? How much scratch protection does it have? How compatible is it with cases with side lip protection?
BIG fan of the Peel iPhone cases -- super well-designed and minimal.
First off, great to see something fitting and sleek as this! I have some questions. How does the Peel Glass affect touch capabilities? Also, how good is it with 3D Touch on the 6s?
@yamill3 great question! Writing here so I'll get a notification as soon as someone answers this question about 3D Touch!
@yamill3 Peel Glass works great with 3D Touch 👉📱
Also big Peel case fans, my GF and I just purchased and you guys were nice enough to fast track hers to her hotel while on travel. You likely front ran her dropping her phone by mere minutes:) Will be purchasing fo sho.
@dshan Glad to hear :-)