Peel for Pixel

Original and best ultra thin case for Google Pixel

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I do have a Peel case for iPhone (and love it!), so this one looks like a great present for my friends who are fans of Pixel πŸ‘ŒπŸ». And yes, minimalism is beautiful! Are you guys planning more colors soon?
If I ever get a Pixel (currently using Nextbit Robin), I would buy this case. I have never had a case on my phone (I like going naked), but Peel cases are the absolute best!
@kunalslab how can you say it's the best if you've never had a case on your phone?
@daniel_bjerre I'm going based on their Peel for iPhone cases, which I've seen many of. To qualify best, I mean thinnest, lightest, just barely there case that will protect against the small things, like scratches.
Do you have red one?
Looks really great, though being only 0.35mm thin makes me hesitate if it can really protect the phone well. Have been using Spigen case since the very first day of purchasing my Pixel XL and I am extremely happy with it.
@aramiggs In my experience the cases are fantastically nice, but you must be careful if you're planning on removing them in any capacity. For me at least it ripped easily.
no such ultra thin case for one plus 3T?