Peel for iPhone X

Peel's super thin case for the iPhone X

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For the past 6 years we've been making the original super thin iPhone cases. We're stoked to bring our design to the iPhone X today! We're stocked up and shipping.

Now that we're launched I'll be going back to my window to wait for the UPS man to show up today. Happy iPhone X day!

  • Matt Rosenberg
    Matt RosenbergPR + Comms Manager,

    Thin. Relatively cheap. Grippy


    Not real protection. Separates from phone

    Bought one for the 6S, started to separate from the phone after use, like it was too big for it. Got a replacement and it happened again. Wouldn't recommend.

    Matt Rosenberg has used this product for one month.
  • Caleb Ulffers
    Caleb UlffersStartup in progress

    Super thin


    Super not protective. Broke after a few drops.

    You can't expect the thinnest case to be extremely protective or durable, but after 5 or so drops one of the corners cracked. Anywhere the plastic hit the ground it developed those white hardened spots like when you bend plastic back and forth. After a couple of months the case was ugly and not really worthwhile. Seems like you might as well go caseless.

    Caleb Ulffers has used this product for one year.
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sam marcus
sam marcus@runsammrun · Developer, Flatiron School
Anyone considering this case should review some of the comments when the Peel for iPhone 7 was hunted. I’ve had nothing but a terrible experience with the case and the customer service. Several months ago I shared this honest experience on one of their ads that they were aggressively targeting to me on Facebook - they deleted the comment on the ad and banned me from their page, and at first denied doing so. Amazon has so many of these at a fraction of the price and they’ve worked so much better for me.
Florian Hines
Florian Hines@pandemicsyn
Sweet. 2 Questions though. Whats the texture of the case like? I've noticed a lot of the minimal cases are super slippery. Is this case really just to prevent scratches/scuffs from everyday use, or does it actually help with occasional drops by accident prone people like me?
John@john_cockerill · I needed to add this.
@pandemicsyn It's somewhere in between of slippery and grippy. It's just super thin plastic. Probably won't help much with the new glass back - I've heard that it's much more "grippy" than the aluminum. As for protection, I doubt this will help you in any drop. It might stop prevent dents in the side of the phone, from small drops, but otherwise this is only going to help with scratches. I myself had one for my 6s. I liked it well enough. Not worth the price though, probably more like $5 (which you can get on Amazon). Only benefit to name brand here is the color range.
ᴊᴜʟɪᴇɴ.@juliens_me · Tech enthusiast, future obsessed.
@pandemicsyn Hi there, I bought one for my iPhone 7 last year. Their new texture is great (not a very good grip tho) and the case did help my phone escape from a few baby drops on the table but left a scar on the aluminium from a taller drop (but it did mitigated the shock). The case was great to me and the design was super great (translucent black for me). However, it's when I had to change it because this one was broken from the taller drop that I noticed (my biggest and only real complaint here) that the plastic from the case attacked the rubber antenna band and the aluminium of the phone because of the dust that rubbed and the little shifts between the case and the phone... For a perfectionist like me it was a real bummer to see my phone damaged by a case. To conclude, the thin aspect of the case (which I can't deny, they nailed it and everybody around me thought I was crazy not to carry my new phone in a case) has a price in the protection of the phone itself. But Peel never advertised it as a rugged phone case. It does the job into protecting it from everyday use scratches and baby drops. I haven't tested it with a 8 or X so the issue with the plastic against plastic damage may be fixed with the new all glass design. So, if it's okay to you to protect your iPhone from only small drops and scratches well maybe try the case and return it if you don't like it! :)
Justin Mitchell
Justin MitchellPro@itsthisjustin · Keeping remote teams in sync @ Yac.Chat
@pandemicsyn @john_cockerill My 6 dropped from a 6ft drop onto concrete twice in the span of a couple hours and I had zero damage. I love my Peel case and just ordered one for my new X
Brandon McConnell
Brandon McConnell@brandon_mcconnell · Full-Stack Developer + UI/UX Designer
Super confused by all these positive comments. Peel was the worst case I ever used, and their customer support did everything they could to not help me after sending the wrong product. Broke easily and loosened up really quickly, allowing dirt between the case and my phone and scratching its back. Stay far away or learn the same way I did. @pandemicsyn @john_cockerill @itsthisjustin
Justin Mitchell
Justin MitchellPro@itsthisjustin · Keeping remote teams in sync @ Yac.Chat
@brandon_mcconnell man that’s so weird. I freaking love their cases. I’ve owned like 4. I will say that the grip around the edges tends to get shitty as time goes on but I mean look at what it’s made of. For someone who likes the beauty and feel of a naked phone, Peel is awesome
Parwinder Bhagat
Parwinder Bhagat@parwinder · Software Architect @ Pampered Chef
Does it have a glossy or matte finish? I hate glossy as they attract a lot of fingerprints, oil and do not provide a good grip.