Peel for iPhone 11 Pro

The original super thin case now available for iPhone 11 Pro

Maintain the original look of your iPhone 11 Pro while still protecting it. Super thin, branding free, barely there.
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2 Reviews5.0/5
Zack HickmanJust some guy
I liked my peel case but just a warning, it did end up resulting in scratches on the stainless steel bumper of the phone. It was just loose enough for small bits of dirt to get in between the phone and the case and then it just sat there grinding into the phone.
Mason Wear
Co-Founder // Primer Co
@hickmanzackary I've had Peel cases for several years now and have never had issues like this. I think what you're detailing is an outlier where something that actually had the capability to scratch the bumper got in there and wrecked havoc.
Marshall Haas
CEO & Co-Founder, Need/Want
Hey Product Hunt. We've been making the original super thin iPhone case for 7 years. This year we've just released our latest super thin case design for the iPhone 11 Pro. My favorite color in our lineup is our clear variant. It will pair quite well with any of the new colors! PS. I know our photos need to be updated to reflect the camera design. Rest assured our case design will fit the new iPhone's perfectly, we just weren't 100% sure how Apple would make the 3 camera square look (black glass vs showing the 3 lenses). We're updating the photos now with better device models.
Callum Chapman
Circlebox Creative
Placing my order tomorrow 😄