Peel for Galaxy S8

Peel’s super thin case, now for the Galaxy S8 & S8+

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Hi everyone, we are super excited to launch these Samsung Galaxy S8 cases as well as cases for the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge ( We’ve had a ton of people asking for these for months and excited to finally deliver them!
@marshal This made my life. I ordered it minutes after I got the email. Biggest thing I missed coming from an iPhone 7
@marshal @itsthisjustin amazing! That's awesome to hear!
@marshal @jon dudes this thing already arrived and it's amazing. Makes my phone feel so good in hand. Thanks!
I don't even own a Galaxy S8, but I'll upvote everything by Peel. Their products are amazing.
The Peel Case for my Galaxy S7 Edge is a amazing. I was never one for cases... but it totally changes the feel of the phone, and so thin. Could not be happier with it.
Save yoursef some money and order the same case from Ali Express for $2 and call it a day. I also have to mention that I used a Peel case with my iPhone 7 and it scratched its edges. Never use a hard plastic case especially if you have a glossy phone, use soft TPU cases instead.