Peel for Galaxy S8

Peel’s super thin case, now for the Galaxy S8 & S8+

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Marshall Haas
@marshal · CEO & Co-Founder, Need/Want
Hi everyone, we are super excited to launch these Samsung Galaxy S8 cases as well as cases for the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge (https://buypeel.com/products/sup...). We’ve had a ton of people asking for these for months and excited to finally deliver them!
Justin Mitchell@itsthisjustin · Designing Products at Sofriendly.com
@marshal This made my life. I ordered it minutes after I got the email. Biggest thing I missed coming from an iPhone 7
Jon Wheatley
@jon · Co-Founder, needwant.com
@marshal @itsthisjustin amazing! That's awesome to hear!
Justin Mitchell@itsthisjustin · Designing Products at Sofriendly.com
@marshal @jon dudes this thing already arrived and it's amazing. Makes my phone feel so good in hand. Thanks!
Julie Delanoy@syswarren · Design at Product Hunt 😻
I don't even own a Galaxy S8, but I'll upvote everything by Peel. Their products are amazing.
Rob Designs@robertsozolins · UI/UX Designer
Save yoursef some money and order the same case from Ali Express for $2 and call it a day. I also have to mention that I used a Peel case with my iPhone 7 and it scratched its edges. Never use a hard plastic case especially if you have a glossy phone, use soft TPU cases instead.