Super Thin iPhone 6 Cases

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I still can't get myself to get a cover for my iPhone. It just doesn't feel right; slapping a cover on something that was not meant to be covered up. All the time and effort spent by some of the most talented designers in the world to create a delightful hardware experience... I rather experience that and risk a broken phone ;)
@PieterPaul I just add a juice pack to mine and that's a nice "cover."
@PieterPaul I agree with everything you've said. I love the feel of the iPhone in my hand naked.
@notrab I completely agree. I've always kept my iPhones in a leather sleeve rather than a case. It's completely covered when not in use, and uncovered when I'm using it. Having said that, if I were going to use a case, I'd want it to be ultra-thin like one of these.
@PieterPaul I was an avid case user until I read the Jobs biography and became aware of the attention to detail that went into the design. Now I refuse to use cases. Have since shattered two phones. I see what you did there Steve. Touché.
I used to have the iPhone 5 version and was very happy with it. Definitely getting this one too.
What makes these things any different and worth $10 more than the Spigen case? They are on Amazon for $14 w/ Prime shipping. From what I can see, 0.05mm is negligible and the Peel case is no different and people are overpaying. (Look for the "AIR SKIN")
@kchau Exactly. As I mentioned in my review. It's the same case, probably made by the same factory in China.
You can buy this exact case on Amazon for $13. I have it on my iPhone 6 and I love it. It's not a "case" really. It's more of a protective cover. Write about it here:
@abdophoto I got this same exact case on Ebay for less than $2.00.. great market opportunity for them though :)
@brockneilson mind pointing me to the eBay listing? You happy with it?
@azilnik @brockneilson I am! It has worked great. I got the clear looking one and most people can't even tell there is a case one it. Here is the link:
Howdy everyone! @Jon and I are the co-founders of Need/Want, which makes Peel. Happy to answer any questions here.
@marshal I'm interested to know if the Peel cases have a slight lip on the front of the cast so that, if laid on its face, the screen doesn't actually touch whatever surface its on?
@natemhanson @marshal there's a very small lip, but not as much as I think you're looking for. They're designed to be super flush with the phone.
@marshal @Jon I've been looking for a case for the iPhone 6, but I have one neurotic quirk that I'm really looking for. The iPhone 6 has a rounded design which makes swiping to go back (from left to right) a real pleasurable experience. All of the cases I've tried so far basically make it feel like an iPhone 5s or prior because they end up above the screen. With the Peel, do you still have that curved glass feel, as if there was no case on it?
@mergesort @marshal @jon Just got my iPhone 7 Peel case and can confirm that edge-swiping feels fantastic compared to any other case I've seen/tried because it's flush with the screen. Also, I had a Peel on my iPhone 6S and it felt a bit flimsy, but the new one feels more durable without getting any thicker, and fits the phone better. The sleep/wake button is cut out perfectly now, so clicking it doesn't even feel like there's a case there. I love not using a case, especially on the badass new Black iPhone 7, but I wanted something light for when I'm hiking, disc golfing, etc. and Peel is the best option I've found. Also, buying one makes this happen: