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Hey everyone - would love to hear your feedback. We've teamed up with @rrhoover and PH to offer exclusive access from tomorrow. Please enter your email into the beta access and you will be sent a link tomorrow to the iOS build. As a sneak peek, here's what the web portal looks like: And an image with some views remaining (be quick!): An image that was shared via twitter: Our twitter is: Really looking forward to hearing your thoughts (
Martin Bavio@mbavio · Full Stack Designer
Hello, Scott, it seems like a very clean execution and the design looks pretty sharp, but can I ask you WHY I should use this product? I honestly don't understand the reasons for having an image, public to the entire world, that disappears.
@mbavio hey Martin, thanks so much for taking the time to comment (and for the positive comments). Regarding why you would want to use Peeky; ultimately, it's going to be rather subjective but we really wanted to create a product that combined the best of Snapchat and Instagram. Something that could be used for discovery, something fun and exploratory whilst also combining the best of ephemeral. We also wanted to add an element of gamification, challenging people to come up with the most interesting images and get the most engagement from their friends. Hopefully this helps you understand why we feel there will be demand, ultimately time will tell. The product is fun and addictive, even within the small set of users currently on there. Please do signup to the beta and let me know your thoughts after having used it a couple of times. Thanks again Martin!
Andrew JiangHiring@andrewjiang · Cofounder, CEO at Sentio
Scott, really well executed and designed. The site mentions this a little, but any interesting deals / prizes planned?
@andrewjiang hey Andrew, thanks for the comments - really means a lot. We have partnered with Uber and Starbucks as launch partners. Free rides and coffees up for grabs.
Got some Peeky tees to give away also, as modelled by Sarah. Let me know if you'd like one!
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
This is an interesting social experiment. I can see brands using this for expiring coupons and ephemeral promotions. Although it hasn't released yet, how have you seen people use it so far, @ScottTaylor?
@rrhoover hey Ryan. Yes definitely, we've had a lot of demand from brands - which was surprising. I guess there is a lot of demand to get into the ephemeral/messaging space with no real entry into Secret / Whisper. People are using it as expected, a mixture of personal moments they want to share with their closest circle but don't want a permanent online record. People are also quite competitive trying to see how quickly they can reach the 100 views. Time will tell, looking forward to PH getting early access tomorrow!