Customized Link Previews for πŸ”₯ Posts

Peeklink is a free tool for creating custom link previews (those "cards" that links expand into on social media) for any site. Customize the preview with your own text, an image, or a highlighted screenshot.

Perfect for reaction posts, or content creators who want fine-tuned control over how their work appears.

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Congrats on the launch, @anthonygarvan πŸ™Œ What makes Peeklink different from Metashort?
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@amrith Good question! Basically it's much more feature rich. It has facebook-style captions (with nice backgrounds), you can upload any image OR select an image from the site, and it even goes and takes a screenshot of the page which you can then highlight, so your post can respond to a particular phrase in an article.
Such a great idea! Congrats @anthonygarvan!
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Great idea, just started using it today. In a world full "attention wars" This is a good weapon πŸ™ŒπŸΎ
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@asher_harris Thanks Asher! If you encounter any issues let me know and I will fix asap. I might do another round of development in a few months where I add more features that require login + another set of features that require a small annual fee, if you think of any feature that you think would be appropriate in either category (or the current anonymous free version), please let me know. Hope it goes well :)
@anthonygarvan Thank you, will do :)
Loving this @anthonygarvan - how clever having those different options for customising the links. Any plans to allow people to create a login so that they can easily access the archive of links created and re-share or even duplicate with a different format or amend? I have added it to my curations for my students
@krishnade Thanks so much Krishna! Glad you're liking it :). That's a great idea. My general plan was to see if I get regular visitors for a month or two, and invest further time based on that. Based on this launch it's looking promising but we'll see. I'll likely roll out features that require login + another tier of features that require a small annual payment, if you or anyone else has ideas for what you'd expect in either level let me know!
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@anthonygarvan Thanks for the update - looking forward to what you develop next
You can also try . We've just launched a member portal to store links for our members