Quickly change a πŸ”— link's social media appearance

MetaShort lets you easily customize how your link appears when shared on social media without the need to modify meta tags or code.

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Hello Product Hunt πŸ‘‹ It's crazy to see something I've made on Product Hunt, and I'm so excited to share MetaShort with all of you! ❓ Why Working as a web developer I've had a lot of interaction with social media promoters and their frustrations over meta tags. There might be an event coming up in a week that they need to promote, but when they post the event's link on Twitter there's no image and the title/description are generic company text. Getting the tags changed will take a change request, a meeting, and a deployment (at which time the event is already over). πŸ”— How MetaShort aims to make social media promotion easy. You enter your link on MetaShort and then completely customize how it will appear on Twitter, Facebook, and more. You can fix broken images and bad text. Or you could have one image & text for Twitter and a different image & text for Facebook and compare the clicks each link receives. You could even share your post 10 days from an event with the title "10 Days Until Our Sales Event", and then edit the title to be "Our Big Sales Event is Today!" on the day of the event. πŸš€ Features - Customize your link's appearance when shared on social media - Edit your link's title, description, Twitter card style, Open Graph tags and more - A/B test meta tags with different versions of the same link - View statistics for how many people click your link and where they came from - Save links to your account and update them at any time (even after they've been shared) I have a ton of other features in the pipeline and would love to know what the community thinks about MetaShort. If this is something you could see yourself using, let me know! If not, tell me what's wrong with it! Thanks for reading my wall of text and for checking out MetaShort, you rock πŸ™Œ A special thanks to Arun for hunting me today πŸ‘
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@alexwhitedev Anytime! Thank you for MetaShort! I have always seen links break too, without images, and it bugs me a lot MetaShort can change this.
This is amazing! Great job @alexwhitedev πŸ™Œ
@pluckyluke Thanks you!
Congrats on your launch! I think you are going to save a lot of people a lot of time. You just need to get to the right audience now. A few comments: - Design: I think your top bar is way too big and your product name is not there. In the homepage the input form to put the link takes my whole screen (mac 15in) which makes me feel uncomfortable lol I think I would centre it and remove everything else, your tag line explains it all, so you don't want ppl scrolling around, you can have a section like product tour or similar - Price: $10/month is too little. I would change $99 / month. Your customers are going to be social media ppl from medium and large business or agency. They will use 1 account for everything so at $10 is not going to be worth your time. - The edit page: Start with the form, title, description and a photo, and after show me the final link and how to preview it, but make it more clear that they need to do something first. Hope you don't mind all this feedback and all the best.
@guillegette $99/month, that's a little steep. I would suggest to have multiple pricing depending on the type of your audience
This looks really cool. I will be showing my contacts this, because I am asked often how to change the preview image of posts, and it's a nightmare trying to get them to engage with complex things like Open Graph.
@theashtube Thanks, that’s exactly the nightmare I’m hoping to solve!