Two photos. One hidden. Press to reveal the story.

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Peek was built by @ngthatsme1, an Australian founder who just moved to NYC. To me, the app is built on the idea that there can be much more to a story in a photo-sharing app if every post had two photos. Users upload two photos to create a single post. The second photo remains hidden behind the first photo in the feed until someone decides to press and hold the first photo to reveal the second one. Curious to see if this unlocks any interesting use-cases. Could be perfect for before-after pictures!
@JohnExley saw the process making this. Awesome!
@amol Any interesting takeaways from observing the creation of the initial product? I love watching friends go through the journey of having an idea + building a product from nothing + then releasing it to the world.
@amol Didn't you also work on a product called Peek? Any relation to this?
Thanks @johnExley. You got it spot on. Peek is about creative storytelling. We're hoping the fact the second photo is hidden will help add a layer of suspense to the story. Would be great for before/after shots, joke/punchline, or just sharing more of an interesting moment. Lots of features still to add, but would love to hear feedback from the PH community. Thanks to all!
@ngthatsme1 Pretty cool to see Marie, congrats again on your launch. Peek could be really good for showing reactions too. E.g., capturing someone giving a keynote and then capturing the audience's standing ovation. Or capturing a basketball player taking a jumpshot and then the crowd reacting when it goes in.
@JohnExley Absolutely. When people first see Peek, the immediately reaction is before/after shots. But it can be anything which tells a compelling story. For example, someone just posted a photo of david hasselhoff wearing a kilt, and the second photo revealed a gust of wind almost blowing it off ha!
@ngthatsme1 Looks like you ripped off our logo! (
@ScottTaylor Hey Scott, name/font does looks a little similar. Hadn't actually seen your product until a few days ago though! All the best with your launch.
@ngthatsme1 so you're going to stop ripping off our logo? We've already launched...
The punchline metaphor reminds me of Frontback (cc @fredd) and GoPop (cc @jshapes). What inspired Peek, @ngthatsme1?
@rrhoover Hi Ryan! A lot of apps these days help users 'appear' more creative eg adding a filter to improve a shot. With Peek I wanted to build something where the creativity comes straight from the their ability to intelligently connect two photos to tell a compelling story. The decision to add the 'press to reveal' really came from me being a total phone geek - I love tapping around on my phone to make it 'do stuff'... a lot of apps these days are static ie you scroll to view content but it's passive viewing. I wanted to make an app that users could interact with and decide which stories they wanted to see a little more of, and then make it happen.
@ngthatsme1 excited to see before and after shots utilized with this app - great work'!
@drewleahy thanks so much Drew! :)
This is a fantastic idea. Well done and spot on.
@spencernoon Thanks Spencer! Looking forward to seeing how folks get creative on it. So far, am impressed with what folks are coming up with! Someone just said to me it would be good for #tbt !!
Marie, I love this product. It inspired me to write a post (still draft) about human centered design. I think you've captured something very natural and real in the human world and ported it to tech. Well done...
@borker Thanks Ryan!