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#3 Product of the DaySeptember 14, 2017

Pear is a database containing direct contact information to email newsletters actively looking for advertisers and growth opportunities.

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During my time at Product Hunt I did some work on monetizing and growing the daily digest. Since then, I have done similar work on the side with newsletters like Finimize. I created Pear, with the help of @BenTossell, to solve a few problems I see in the marketplace: -Help advertisers find highly targeted, highly engaged audiences. These advertisers can be those with large budgets or small startups looking for ways to gain exposure. -Help scrappy content creators get paid for their hard work. -Help newsletters find other newsletters for growth opportunities through cross-promotion and sweepstakes. How it works: The Pear database contains the direct contact information to those email newsletters actively looking for sponsorship and growth opportunities For just $5 per month you get access to the database, which is growing every single day. The goal is get to over 100 million impressions by the end of the calendar year. 1 impression = 1 subscriber to an onboarded newsletter. Run a newsletter? Want it added to the database? Fill out this form. As always, any and all feedback (on pricing, model, design, my hair) is appreciated! Let me know if you have any questions.
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@bentossell @andrewett Nice work! This is great! πŸ‘
@andrewett your hair is on point. FYI I started working with Andy on this but let him completely just take it so all props go to him :)
@bentossell @andrewett your hair is awesome ;) Added to the list. Interesting initiative. Are you thinking of a way to actually recommend specific "matches" or are you looking at providing the access to the data base, only?
@bentossell You know that my mom hates when you call me Andy.
@bentossell @yoavush Thanks Yoav! Happy to have y'all on board. Interestingly, this idea actually started as a service. I definitely see it evolving back that way in future iterations. πŸ•Ί

This is a scam. I paid $5 and got a access to AIRTABLE share with just 52 records in it.


This is a scam. I paid $5 and got a access to AIRTABLE share with just 52 records in it.


This is a scam. I paid $5 and got a access to AIRTABLE share with just 52 records in it.

Hey @sureshsambandam - just now seeing this. Sorry you were unclear on what the $5 subscription gets you. While the database was just 52 at launch, it is growing every single day. Please let me know if you'd like me to cancel your subscription.
CAM ALERT! Once you subscribe there is NO way to opt out. Email the service 5 times without any luck.. They just continue to bill you without a option to cancel on their website.
Thank you @bentossell ! I've been looking for this for years no joke
@kevinnewmanyo credit to @andrewett here for sure!
I've been using (which is similar, I think) to find some advertising for our business. It's been quite successful, so is a great way for a brand to get some exposure. Before I sign up to Pear, do you know how similar are these lists?
@td_evans I'm seeing some overlap, but I'm only a fraction of the way to where I plan for this to be. Hoping to 20x it in the next quarter. By being a subscriber, you get early access to these opportunities.
Hey @andrewett, Is next step moving into a marketplace model were advertisers and newsletters don't need to directly contact each other? If I was interested in advertising I would like to avoid dealing with each newsletter individually... Great work!
@marcbc Definitely seems like that's the common ask. Perhaps I will first offer this as a service to Pear subscribers. Thoughts?
@andrewett sounds good as a starting point! I think the potential and possibilities are many: 1) changing the monetization model form subscription to commission on deals (you should check if it makes economic sense based on deal info), 2) switching to a bidding platform, like google adwords...
@marcbc 2nd price auction for new spots would be really cool, but requires approval from the content creator that they want that advertiser on board.