A smart light for better habits

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I'm a bit biased here :), but so excited to have Peak on Product Hunt. David and I can't wait to help people change their habits for good!
"Peak is a smart lamp that combines light, encouraging messages and a personal improvement algorithm to help you form better habits." Check out he Venture Beat piece about it here
@mutlu82 Thanks for the hunt, Murat! Dan and I came together after becoming frustrated with helping people form better money habits in fintech. On a hike through the redwoods we realized it wasn't just money was all habits. We prototyped and designed for months in a garage and are happy to share Peak with you today =)
@davidkhavari @mak0ski, excited for you guys and this effort. I couldn't agree more, I often say that if we can solve for people's relationship with money, we can solve for all behaviors! ;)
I've seen the thought and attention that Dan and David have put into Peak, and I can't wait to get one. Maintaining good habits is hard enough... may as well have a beautiful device help you do it.
@nafisto Thanks so much, Nafis – means a lot!
Interesting Concept 🙂
@nivo0o0 Thanks, Niv! Love the gif :)
Already backed! Can't wait to have this in my home.