Quantified self for the office

#4 Product of the DayJanuary 11, 2014
TBH, I'm skeptical of Peak. Quantifying every commit, email sent, file uploaded, etc. could encourage the wrong behavior. Of course the number of emails sent isn't a direct measurement of value or productivity. Peak could encourage the wrong behavior.
I agree @rrhoover. This seems like automated micro-management.
I'm conceptually a huge fan of this. I talked with these guys a couple months ago. They currently only have 1 year plans. Which I did not want to sign up for. I wanted to give it a try and see how it actually worked. If/when they ever add monthly plans I'll definitely give it a whirl.
Agree that this encourages vanity metrics of work - the 'GSD' mentality doesn't really mean you are being productive.
@rrhoover would you see the value of “passive" data collection across a team and allowing an employee to be more granular in daily updates? Perhaps it helps kickstart staff communication on project milestone. I can't find the old article but Google PMs would issue daily bullet points around the following: - Completed (tickets) - In progress (features, specs) - Blockers (development or mgmt) The email was just a few lines and would be sent horizontally across teams. When you received the email, you could respond and a new “bullet report" would get generated for your product. If I remember correctly, this was a small hack Google built and then later open sourced the email system.