Drive through France in a clever and cheaper way

Save up to 25% on French toll costs without avoiding the toll road and drive more pleasant!


- calculates what amount of toll is, and what you can save

- notifies you 3 kms before a toll gate what you'll have to pay

- suggests clever moments to exit and re-enter to save on toll

- points you to cheaper gas stations near the exits

Francois Courtin
  • Francois Courtin
    Francois CourtinCo-founder & COO @KintoHub

    Love the "gaming the toll gates" concept, app looks slick


    I'm in HK right now so no chance to try it in the near future

    Have you thought about integrating this with a rideshare app?

    Since it will have drivers exit & reenter at toll gates, might as well pick up /drop off at the same locations :D

    Francois Courtin has never used this product.
Funny timing to be on Product Hunt today. @suzywillow and I are in France for another 36 hours.
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@suzywillow @rrhoover :) That's a very cool coincidence! I hope you have time to try this out.
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Hey @qrafts, What was your process for building this app? Any thoughts for including more countries?
@jacqvon Thanks for your question Jacqueline! One of our team members came up with this idea (Sjoerd van Oort) since he has been travelling through France a lot but felt frustrated by the lack of guidance on the toll roads and the high toll fares. He discovered that by leaving the toll road (on certain exits and pay) and driving back up again, the total sum at the end is less than driving directly to the destination and pay at the end. We have then assembled a design/development team and created a clever algorithm that can tell people exactly when to leave and re-enter the toll road. We have worked hours and hours and hours on picking the right exits (thank you Google Maps) and have been testing the app ever since we started in 2015. We are now adding more and more features to save money (like cheap gas stations) but also to make the drive more comfortable on the harsh toll roads of France. For now we will be improving the experience of driving through France. But we are certainly not neglecting other countries like Germany and America. Thanks, Elmar