Pea – The Premature Ejaculation App is built to help dudes last longer in bed.

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Hello again πŸ‘‹πŸ» Last time I ended up on Product Hunt by accident with Pepper Filters (our website for creating snapchat geofilters). We surprised @JustinKan at the airport.. yadda yadda.. He let us pitch our Geofilter creator app on his Snap channel and got a ton of traffic and early users. (Thanks again Justin!) If you saw us that day you probably remember me pitching my other startup – Pea.. an IOS app that helps men figure out why premature ejaculation happens and how to fix it using video content and interactive training tools. A bit of backstory: I started this project while trying to solve the issue for myself. I had struggled with premature ejaculation since highschool and finally at age 23 decided I didn’t want it to ruin my love life anymore. (Turns out girls like to be intimate for more than 30 seconds.. 🍾 😫) After talking to doctors, sex therapists, and authors and finally overcoming the issue myself I realized that treating Premature Ejaculation is very simple, but not easy. Just think of it like training for a marathon.. If you want to be able to run for 30 minutes straight, you wouldn't train by sprinting for 2 minutes, getting tired and giving up. You would jog then take a break, jog more then take another break. Repeating this each day – or a few times a week – until eventually you could run for 30 minutes straight. This same theory applies to sex. Unfortunately no one teaches men how to train for sex..well actually now there’s an app for that. Even after understanding the concept, it was still hard to recall and put into practice while I was β€˜training’ myself. I wished there was some sort of timer (Feature #1) that could help me with this. Another important breakthrough was the realizing the importance of foreplay for slowing down excitement and easing into sex.. but I would never foreplay myself when I was on my own..I would just rush straight into it (+ another feature). I ended up building an app that solved the main pain points men encounter while re-training their sexual response. It educates the user and then puts them to work using 3 levels of interactive training. This is just the start of what I want Pea to turn into, I’m looking for advice and creative ideas on how to improve the product and market it, so please -Try it out -Suggest it to your friends using the anonymous suggestion tool on -Reach out to me in the comments or directly at Thanks!
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@brenny_buoy @smarterhealthinc Takes a lot of balls to admit that you're solving your own problem here. Props.
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@brenny_buoy @justinkan @smarterhealthinc congrats! This app (although not applicable to my anatomy) looks great and solves a very taboo subject. I really like the anonymous suggestion tool. I wonder if there is a way you can market females to anonymously suggest without crushing any egos? I listen to many of my girlfriends struggling how to encourage their partners to expand their intimacy time - just a thought!
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@brenny_buoy I respect your ballsiness in coming out here to publicise about this solution to your own problems. 1 Upvote from me!
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@caprihiggins Thanks Capri! I tried to keep the suggestion tool totally anonymous and friendly, as to not damage any egos! Anyone can just enter an email or phone number of someone who could use the help and we send them a friendly link. They won't know who sent it to them but if they need the help will know where to find it.
@michael_cho Thanks Michael!
Congrats on the launch! That's actual courage. Could you please please use the tagline "better late than sorry"? Thanks.
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@jean_putzel I will add that to the list! Thanks Jean πŸ˜„
Very useful app! I'm looking forward to its Android version.
I remember watching you guys pitch this on Justins Snapchat. Happy to see you finally launch. It takes great guts to address a silent problem very publicly and I commend you for that. Double cheers to you Brennen for adding your own personal story. Good luck!
@mattmayberry thanks Matt! Ya the launch ended up being the opposite of premature.. we were caught up with Pepper for the past few months and creating animation was more complex than I had anticipated. Happy to finally get this out there and hopefully help some fellow prejackers!
@brenny_buoy @mattmayberry prejackers is such a fantastic term!
Would have up voted twice if possible. Once for for your courage and a second time for tackling a taboo subject. Congratulations to your team and good luck Brennen πŸ‘πŸ½
@ravsydney thank you for the kind words Ravi πŸ™‚