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#3 Product of the WeekSeptember 11, 2018

Convert any HTML documents to high-fidelity PDF online with PDFShift's lightning-fast and powerful API.

  • Pros: 

    Easy to use, nearly no costs and (my favorite feature) it also allows you to embed vector graphics in your PDF document.


    No cons that are worth mentioning here.

    We are currently using PDFShift to automate the creation of service contracts.

    I tried so many converters and after some mails back and forth, PDFShift does exactly, what i need. The support is super friendly and very quick, so it didn't take long to integrate PDFShift into my existing workflow.

    The only thing i noticed when discovering PDFShift a few months ago is, that they include a meta comment that says "Created by PDFShift" (or similar). While this might be okay in most cases, there should be an option (paid?) to remove this information. Not every company (especially those, which are located in the EU) don't want to disclose, that they are using an external service to create their documents (e.g. invoices or other documents, including sensitive informations).

    Sascha Greuel has used this product for one month.
  • Michael
    MichaelFor the total good.



    No cons

    Great api responds

    Michael has used this product for one week.
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CyrilMaker@cx42net · PDFShift.io - Transferslot - ImprovMX
Hi everyone! Really excited to be here today! I’ve been building stuff for the web and when I started charging for it, I found out that generating an invoice in PDF was a pain in the … well, it was not that easy. I used to work with libraries but they were always missing a few things and took some server resources that could have been better used to serve my visitors. That’s why I came up with the idea of PDFSHift. I know I’m not the first - and certainly not the last - but after looking at the alternatives online, I thought that the current offer was out of date and a new, more up-to-date, services, could be useful. I focus a lot of efforts on offering a great customer service, ready to help anyone to make their PDF awesome and I already received a few great feedbacks from my users :) I’m here all day to answer all your comments and question, and happy to chat!
Sascha Greuel
Sascha Greuel@softcreatr · Hi
@cx42net Congrats :) Didn't had the time yet to build, what i've planned. But will do soon and then use your great product :)
CyrilMaker@cx42net · PDFShift.io - Transferslot - ImprovMX
@softcreatr Thank you! :) Take your time, and you know you can reach out if you need help!
David Polberger
David Polberger@davidpolberger · Maker of Calcapp
@cx42net Hi Cyril, PDFShift looks nice. We're considering moving away from our home-grown solution (which uses the Flying Saucer XHTML renderer in conjunction with a PDF back end: https://github.com/flyingsaucerp...). However, Google introduced headless Chrome support in Cloud Functions and App Engine less than a month ago (https://cloud.google.com/blog/pr...). How does Google's offering compare to PDFShift in terms of pricing, availability, customizability and rendering fidelity? (If you're also using Chrome or Chromium, rendering should be identical.)
CyrilMaker@cx42net · PDFShift.io - Transferslot - ImprovMX
@davidpolberger Hi David, that's an awesome question! I was working on PDFShift when I saw the release and was a bit stressed when I learned about it. But I tested it, and I understood we aren't in the same market: Google AppEngine is a IaaS and as such, it's much harder to setup a system to convert HTML to PDF using their tool. It's not the direct aim, and it will require a bit of work. With PDFShift, you just have to make POST call to make it work, so there's less work involved :) Also, after testing it, I realized it's awfully slow, at least for now (I hope they'll improve it. If it becomes really efficient, I might switch the backend to their). It took 20s to convert the front page of ProductHunt :/
Dan Dan
Dan Dan@tostartafire · Web Dev.
FYI on Chrome 69 / Mac, the product hunt bar overlaps the logo and the main nav, the close button is not clickable. See screenshot.
CyrilMaker@cx42net · PDFShift.io - Transferslot - ImprovMX
@tostartafire Nice catch! It's fixed :)
Henning Lokus
Henning Lokus@leanderb · E-VANCE
Great idea with the "Get more free conversions"...! (https://pdfshift.io/increase)
CyrilMaker@cx42net · PDFShift.io - Transferslot - ImprovMX
@leanderb ;) Thanks! A few people are actually using them but I think they aren't enough put in front, I need to work on that!
Cedric Amaya
Cedric Amaya@cedricamaya · maker · open sourcerer · coffee lover
Super neat product, will definitely be trying this out! Btw @cx42net, looks like there's some `z-index` issues with your ProductHunt banner on the homepage (Firefox 62.0, macOS 10.13.6).
CyrilMaker@cx42net · PDFShift.io - Transferslot - ImprovMX
@cedricamaya Oh yes! I was so excited to release it that I didn't scoll.. It's fixed now :)
CyrilMaker@cx42net · PDFShift.io - Transferslot - ImprovMX
@cedricamaya By the way, if you need any help while setting up PDFShift, you can always reach me out, I'll be happy to help; one of the core motivation of PDFShift is to provide an awesome customer experience ;)
Arsen Hakobian
Arsen Hakobian@arsen_hakobian · Advertising Coordinator
I need this!
CyrilMaker@cx42net · PDFShift.io - Transferslot - ImprovMX
@arsen_hakobian Good thing we offer it then :) If you need any help, feel free to reach out!