Convert any HTML to PDF with a single POST request.

#3 Product of the WeekSeptember 11, 2018

Convert any HTML documents to high-fidelity PDF online with PDFShift's lightning-fast and powerful API.

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Hi everyone! Really excited to be here today! I’ve been building stuff for the web and when I started charging for it, I found out that generating an invoice in PDF was a pain in the … well, it was not that easy. I used to work with libraries but they were always missing a few things and took some server resources that could have been better used to serve my visitors. That’s why I came up with the idea of PDFSHift. I know I’m not the first - and certainly not the last - but after looking at the alternatives online, I thought that the current offer was out of date and a new, more up-to-date, services, could be useful. I focus a lot of efforts on offering a great customer service, ready to help anyone to make their PDF awesome and I already received a few great feedbacks from my users :) I’m here all day to answer all your comments and question, and happy to chat!
@cx42net Congrats :) Didn't had the time yet to build, what i've planned. But will do soon and then use your great product :)
@softcreatr Thank you! :) Take your time, and you know you can reach out if you need help!
@cx42net Hi Cyril, PDFShift looks nice. We're considering moving away from our home-grown solution (which uses the Flying Saucer XHTML renderer in conjunction with a PDF back end: https://github.com/flyingsaucerp...). However, Google introduced headless Chrome support in Cloud Functions and App Engine less than a month ago (https://cloud.google.com/blog/pr...). How does Google's offering compare to PDFShift in terms of pricing, availability, customizability and rendering fidelity? (If you're also using Chrome or Chromium, rendering should be identical.)
@davidpolberger Hi David, that's an awesome question! I was working on PDFShift when I saw the release and was a bit stressed when I learned about it. But I tested it, and I understood we aren't in the same market: Google AppEngine is a IaaS and as such, it's much harder to setup a system to convert HTML to PDF using their tool. It's not the direct aim, and it will require a bit of work. With PDFShift, you just have to make POST call to make it work, so there's less work involved :) Also, after testing it, I realized it's awfully slow, at least for now (I hope they'll improve it. If it becomes really efficient, I might switch the backend to their). It took 20s to convert the front page of ProductHunt :/
FYI on Chrome 69 / Mac, the product hunt bar overlaps the logo and the main nav, the close button is not clickable. See screenshot.
@tostartafire Nice catch! It's fixed :)

Great product, Recommend using.




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Great api responds




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Great idea with the "Get more free conversions"...! (https://pdfshift.io/increase)
@leanderb ;) Thanks! A few people are actually using them but I think they aren't enough put in front, I need to work on that!