Speed dating every night at 8:30 pm EST

pbnj is a speed dating app that allows users to go on dates for 40 seconds every single night at 8:30 pm est.
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Hi, Product Hunt! I'm Scott, and I have spent the past year creating pbnj. pbnj is a speed dating app that allows users to go on dates for 40 seconds every single night at 8:30 pm est. Attempting to craft the perfect message, swiping mindlessly, getting ghosted, or even worse... catfished. This is a serious problem in today's "hookup culture" and I'm sick of it. I'm someone who likes to go on actual dates and build meaningful connections with the people I meet. I find it pointless to have a 2 second back and forth for it to lead nowhere. This is where I come in, I took it upon myself to find a possible solution to the mess that is modern dating! Instead of this mindless and frustrating side job dating apps are today, our users go on dates and have an actual conversation with a real person to build a meaningful connection. No more ghosting, nonresponses, and fake profiles. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do, Scott Hanlon Side note: Since I know people will ask about the nudity issue. We use ML and AI to take down nudity as best as we can. We also have advanced reporting in place for our users.
I’ve been happily married for 20 years so I don’t need this app. HOWEVER!!! This is a great idea, Scott. Going to share it with my single friends to see if they can find love.
Why did you decide on 40 seconds? Seems a little short. Also, time zones...

Speed-dating is a proven format.


Speed-dating just long enough to decide if you want to take it further.


40 seconds might be just a little too short.

Can you recommend ANY even remotely similar app for business purposes like connecting with a prospective cofounder ? Please anyone answer this question. Thanks in advance.
@esinger Shapr is similar to Bumble, but that's the closest example I can think of.
@studioterminus checking them both, thanks for taking a moment to post this 4 me.
@studioterminus Shapr has zero community in Barcelona and Madrid :-(
@studioterminus "bumble bizz" for business Non-romantic connections