Transparent, easy and trackable mobile payments for aid

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Our first investment into Kenya, this company is modernizing the remittance and aid industry while adding a new level of transparency and tracking. With their platform consumers and NGOs can ensure 100% of the funds sent are used to make an impact. Check it out if you're passionate about aid, mobile money and Africa. Part of 500 Startups Batch 11.
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@percival This description nicely captures what Paykind is all about!
@percival Nice! Kenya has an exciting startup scene. I added Paykind to my Social Impact PH collection.
How does the vouchers work and what kinds of goods and services can the vouchers be exchanged for?
@rrclassrooms Using paykind platform, Individuals and Aid Organizations create Vouchers which they can then mass distribute to beneficiaries, The Vouchers are delivered via sms to the beneficiary's phone. Beneficiaries are able to redeem the vouchers for Food, Health and Education Supplies
@sammasinde ok...that's pretty cool!!!
@rrclassrooms Paykind is mainly food, healthcare and educational goods and services.
I am the co-founder and CEO of Paykind, I am happy to answer any questions that you may have about our product.
An idea that has a real social impact to millions who need it
@anantkale People are hungry not because there is no food. But because they cannot buy it
I met the founders of Paykind in Nairobi before they came to 500 and then again halfway through the 500 class. Its been great to see the progress they have made. Paykind offers a new payment channel in a market where we should all expect to see huge growth over the next few years.