It's like an email address for payments

PayID is a protocol that connects siloed payment networks through a universal address. A PayID (e.g. alice$ can map to the URL and resolve to Alice's address on an underlying payment network (e.g. bank or blockchain).
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Hi Product Hunt! We're super excited to announce the launch of PayID today. PayID is an email-like payment identifier (user$ that can map to any bank account, credit card, wallet or crypto address using open standards such as HTTPS and DNS. Similar to how simple web domains map to complex IP addresses, we believe that simple PayIDs should map to complex account addresses. PayID is an open protocol standard that has been designed to be flexible, extensible, and easy to deploy for developers. PayID is free to use for everyone, and simplifies the payment experience to send/receive money with a single payment address. Check out to learn more. P.S. We're also hosting a virtual PayID Developer Conference on June 25th at 9:00am PST, and invite developers to come discover ways in which to build their apps using PayID:
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We have been using this in Australia for a couple of years It’s called
But this is open to everyone and all currency types.
@deleted-2674396 Wow I hope you didn't get deleted as a spammer for posting this. I was coming to say much the same thing. We've had PayID in Australia for a couple of years, though they look like very different services. I believe the Aussie one is more about facilitating quicker bank-to-bank transactions, whereas this one looks to be more like "paypal with crypto support". There'll definitely be some issues getting into the Australian market if they stick with this branding - PayID is very firmly established here, and it's supported by our 13 biggest banks. But they may not care, and that may not matter.
A few steps closer to mass adoption
Worth a look at this too - Similar concept has been integrated into 4 major Aussie banks already.
@fredmeng Is there something similar for countries outside of AUS?
A much needed innovation for crypto