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Hello Product Hunters! If you're a business, paying your contractors can be an absolute pain. If you're a contractor, getting paid quickly is a struggle. That's why we created Payable. It streamlines the invoice payment process for the company and provides clarity into what's happening for the contractor. You can track any type of work (hours, expenses, widgets, tweets...whatever), set rates, and have that generate an amount owed. Then pay it (or get paid) all through the app. We've got an exclusive deal for the PH Community (20% OFF) and would love to hear your feedback -- as business owners, as contractors, and as savvy product folks.
@tadmilbourn your product and customer service has been atrocious. i wish i would have gone with another provider. My forms say filed and have been "in process" since 1/ is 2/17 now. I now doubt whether the IRS received my 1099's via e-file and whether i will be penalized for missing deadlines. You've been warned. Also - i noticed you already charged me for your services even though the service is not complete.
This looks so awesome. There are so many conventional payroll services out there but they seem to forget about contractors. As someone who uses contractors almost exclusively, I'm very excited to try this out. Are there any limitations to this being used in Canada that you'd be aware of?
@alexputici Thanks Alex! You're exactly right. Contract work, by its definition is far more variable than normal employment. It's rarely the same thing week after week, month after month. That's why you end up with a very different design and product if you focus on contract work (and hopefully that's reflected in what you see on Payable). As for Canada, we're not quite set up for actually sending the payments yet. But, you can still use Payable to have your contractors track their work (hours, expenses...can be customized to do just about anything) and use that to generate the total amount their owed. We find with most of our customers, the biggest problem isn't getting the money to's figuring out what they're owed in the first place.
@tadmilbourn That's exactly right. Thanks for the detailed response. I'll check it out and let you know what questions I have. Thanks again.
We've been using Payable since 6 months. We love the fact that we can have various rules setup to calculate payments just by providing our raw data. Payable is more than a payment solution for contractors, it's also payment intelligence. Great work team Payable!
@abjardaneh Wow. Thanks Aboud. You really didn't have to say that, but I'm glad you did. I just shared your comment with the team and was greeted with whoops and hollers!
We are happy Payable customers, and loving the product. Keep up the good work Tad!
Such a needed service for so many businesses. I spent years at Intuit Payroll, and I always felt like contractor payments were such a huge missing hole in the portfolio. Great work!