Save money on dog care, befriend a dog if you don’t have one

Paw is an app that introduces dog owners to neighbors for dog care friendships and park playdates. We offer an alternative to expensive dog care services. Owners create a trusted network of locals for dog care exchanges, or meet caregivers who want to spend time with dogs out of kindness.

  • Elissa Maercklein
    Elissa MaerckleinBusiness Manager @

    Intuitive UI for matching, awesome idea to create a network of the dog community!



    10/10 way more fun swiping on pics of dogs than swiping on pics of guys on Tinder

    As a dog lover who works a lot (so no time to have a dog of my own) this is an awesome app!

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  • Alan Borger

    This is a great application!


    Innovative ideas need to be tested continuously.

    I can't count how many times I needed something like this to help me with my puppy. Looking forward!

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Hey Product Hunters! 2 years ago, Danny and I met at Ocean Beach when his dog Tyson jumped onto my lap. We became great friends because of Tyson, and a few weeks later I took care of him while Danny was going out of town. After that, we started to question why so many people were spending a fortune on dog care, when there are plenty of people like me who would be happy to take care of a dog out of kindness. A few months later, we both quit our jobs to work on a way to connect dog owners and dog lovers across neighborhoods. Before Paw, Danny had been struggling to find affordable dog care for years and had tried tons of solutions. He even made a profile for his dog on Tinder, matched with 500 people in a week, and asked them if they’d be willing to take care of his dog. Now we’re here to tell you all about Paw and answer any questions you might have. We’re really looking forward to your feedback! Have a dog? Pawsome 🐶 The cost of dog care is too high. With Paw you can save tons of money by making friends with dog owners or dogless folks who genuinely want to take care of your dog out of kindness. ❤️ Don’t have a dog? We feel your pain 😩 Fill the dog-shaped hole in your heart by spending time with a neighbors dog who needs some extra help. 🐩 Hugs & Paws! 🐾 - Ben and Danny
@benjamin_beltzer Love it! Any plans for global expansion?
@ems_hodge We’re building up a waitlist for anyone who signs up outside of San Francisco. We plan to expand to the cities that we see the most interest from. Thanks! 🐕
@ems_hodge @benjamin_beltzer omg I would so love this, please make a global version and advertise the hell out of it! 😍 It looks like the perfect thing I didn't know I needed. I don't have a dog but love them so much
Love the glasshole doge in the gallery 😉
@rrhoover Glad you like it! 🐩
This is such a good idea!! For casual dog lovers (who don't own dogs) this would be a wonderful way to spend a day with a dog and grow the community of dog lovers.
@emerson_king Thanks so much Emerson!
Such a great idea. Specially for people (like myself) who can't have a dog but would love one 🐶
@robbdiazz Thank you Rob! 🐾
Is there any limit on the number of dogs you can mind at a time? I'll mind them all, each and every one of them! 🐶
@aaronoleary Hi Aaron! Technically there isn't a limit, but we do think it's very important that dogs receive individual attention 🐾🐾🐾