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#6 Hunter. eSkateboards are my jam
If snapping a rubber band on your wrist seems archaic, now you can zap yourself with the Pavlok PAV15 gets you 15% off
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Just want to jump in here. I was fortunate enough to use one of the beta Pavloks and participated in a Boston University study on smoking. Prior to using the Pavlok, I smoked 1+ pack a day for over two years. I committed to zapping myself every time I touched a pack and inhaled and within a week my cravings were virtually gone. While I've slipped up on the occasional social smoke, I no longer consider myself a smoker. Truly has changed my life. I've also begun experimenting using the pavlok for some of my other annoying habits (getting distracted while working..) happy to answer any questions! @maneesh -- share your story about getting slapped in the face :-)
Jack Smith
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Great to see this shipping! I originally posted this to PH two years ago when it was in pre-order phase: https://www.producthunt.com/tech... @maneesh : can you clarify how "it it can be used to enhance - Meditation - Exercise - Love and Sex." ? I'm not really getting the connection.
Tam Pham
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@_jacksmith Would love to know too.
@_jacksmith @mrtampham I think it's more about ending bad habits rather than developing good ones using what Psychologists call "away motivation". If you work out what deters you from becoming better at something, then I think it could work. I noticed in the video it can be controlled remotely, so go the extra mile in your exercise or give your partner a good time... or they zap you... that's motivating!
I think it needs an API for the app. Then apps for exercise, journaling, meditation, and task managers (for example) could trigger a shock if the planned activity is not done. Alternatively connect the app to IFTTT so that many more apps can trigger shocks.
Niv Dror
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