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Hey all, today we’re launching a resource to make it easier for entrepreneurs to find translations of Paul Graham essays in their native language. Paul Graham’s essays are one of the best resources available for startup founders and entrepreneurs. Over the years PG has been gracious enough to link to translations of his essays. Since he’s been writing these for almost two decades it should come as no surprise that some of these links have moved or no longer exist. There was also no way to find a complete list of all Paul Graham translations in a particular language. So we created this resource to make it easier for entrepreneurs around the world to find essays in their native language. Please let us know about any translations we missed. We’ve posted some new translations and we’ll continue to add them over time. There are great founders in every corner of the globe. The world is getting flatter and traditional barriers to entry are lowering every day. By increasing access to resources we can help good ideas spread faster. When that happens we all win. We hope this small contribution of ours can contribute to that movement. Enjoy!!
@rogerdickey Awesome, I'm sure they'll prove to be very popular globally.
@rogerdickey Great idea, how can we help to translate ?
@lebuffet @rogerdickey Hi Cedric, we have forms at the bottom of the page but you can also email me at and we can take it from there. We're happy to link out to external translations or host them on our site.
How do you guys manage to write good essays? I have no talent. I can't even write an essay on a teaching assignment. Now I'm thinking to contact service . It just helps me not to accumulate debt on your studies and get good grades.
This is a great idea.
This is very helpful, especially for concepts and terms that non-native English speakers not understand very well. Thanks for sharing!
Amazing! And it sounds like super helpful thing. I think people nowadays need more stuff like this so they can one day look at a college paper writing and will see not some boring assignment but actually something important.
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