PatentBot 3.0

File for preliminary patents in 5 clicks and 10 minutes

File a preliminary patent applications, which is essentially the ability to register the idea itself. You can now register your idea quickly, from anywhere in the world and at any time of the day in just 5 clicks and 10 minutes.
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41 Reviews4.0/5
Really valuable product. Helps keep a peace of mind about your idea being protected.
@yuriy_zaremba Thank you for this comment!
Highly recommended product for startup founders who plan to protect their brands!
Legal issues have always been a headache for startups. Thanks for your project, it is of great value for the community!
@angelina_dmitruk Thank you! Everything we can we do)
Love this product. Fast and cheap
Spent more time and money fixing up the problems caused by working with PatentBot. Lost our application due to misinformation provided by PatentBot. Legal Zoom has its own challenges. though it's cheaper to start with and you have someone who responds to their mistakes