Pasteur by Intersect Labs

Clean messy data in minutes and without coding

A no-code data preparation tool that lets you clean messy data in minutes.
👀 Visually re-structure your data;
🗂️ Use workflows across projects;
🖥️ Instant preview of your changes;
↗️ Share with collaborators;
📈 Get to data analysis 10x faster!
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8 Reviews5.0/5
Thanks Gustaf! Hi PH community! 👋 Data cleaning can cost analysts 80% of their time, leaving only 20% for data analysis. As a founder of a machine learning company, I’ve spent many hours building hundreds of custom scripts to transform our customers' data and make it useful. To stop reinventing the wheel every time, we built a new product that makes data cleaning >10x faster. Pasteur is an intuitive, self-service data preparation tool that lets you use prebuilt functions to transform your data. Without coding and in a couple of minutes. We currently support: ✅ More than 60 preconfigured functions called transforms ✅ Google Sheets, MongoDB and SQL integrations ✅ Large volumes of data per project ✅ Sharing data flow “Recipes” with collaborators ✅ Integrations with your apps (via API and Web GUI) 🤔 Who is this for? • For data scientists who want a power feature engineering workflow • For data analysts who want to save time • For data-driven product managers who often have to pull in data scientists/analysts to run quick analyses • For anyone that finds themselves doing the same set of operations on their data regularly (e.g., weekly/monthly) • For anyone that's tired of using Excel for manipulating their data To build this product we worked with many companies and we solved many data problems. We are really grateful to be working with Y Combinator, Carfax, and the United States Tennis Association. We would love for you to sign up for a free trial, and give us feedback. If you have questions, please reach out! Thank you! PS: Check out how one of our early adopters is using Pasteur:
Can't say enough about how helpful Pasteur has been for us! Data cleaning processes that used to take up a huge percentage of our time can now be done in seconds, and the tool was super intuitive and enjoyable to use. Thanks again guys!!
@george_g_holt Thanks George! It's been awesome working with you and the Legacy team!
I'm excited about this, easily one of the best UIs I've seen for any data manipulation tool. As a maker I also love that you can share the recipes with collaborators. Nice job team!
@gill_works thank you, this means a lot! We hope to see many integrations with Maker Minions too! :))
Leading the nocode movement! 🙌 First a nocode machine learning tool, now solving a huge pain point for us analysts. This is probably the easiest, few-clicks tool for something that would have taken me ages to do! Great job team!
This looks interesting guys. Couple of questions: 1. Does it work with Google Sheets? 2. The monthly pricing is not a great fit for me, considering my use case. Any chance you'll do a lifetime deal?
@federicojorge yes it works with Google Sheets! Regarding your use case, let's get on a call this week to talk about it. I will DM you :))