Pastel for Teams

Website feedback and collaboration for design teams

Pastel allows designers and developers building web projects to get actionable feedback from clients and other team members. Easily turn any website into an interactive canvas and pin comments to elements on the page. Share your canvas with anyone and get feedback with no installation or login required.

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Hi everyone, Happy to be launching Pastel for teams on PH. We have been listening to a lot of feedback from our initial customers and talking to agencies and product teams about their internal feedback processes. What has resulted is a more collaborative way to creating shared canvases, easier ways of filtering comments and massive improvements in sharing and notifications. A huge thank you to all our customers and their feedback. As a celebration of our teams launch, you can use the code ‘ProductHunt’ for a 10% lifetime discount.
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Pastel has been my go to design annotation tool for the last ~year. Super fast and easy to use. Great for sharing feedback with people on the team, and outside of it.


Incredibly easy to use, and beautiful



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Pastel has taken collaboration for feedback on live pages to another level. Thank you team! 🙌🏽
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@ann_marie_sebastian Thank you for your ongoing feedback!
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