Supercharged website feedback for happy clients and teams

Pastel turns any website into an interactive canvas to collect feedback from anyone, without having them log in or install anything. Make your clients happier and your team more productive by letting Pastel guide your feedback session. Create a canvas in under 10 seconds.

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Hello everyone! Very excited to finally launch Pastel to all of you. We are a team of 3 freelancers and for the past 6 months, we have been working with over 15 agencies and freelancers to keep iterating on a product we call Pastel. Pastel is designed for agencies and freelancers to make it easier to mark up live websites with feedback. We grew tired of seeing vague feedback and screenshots in long emails, so we built a way to turn any website into an interactive canvas and make leaving comments as easy as leaving sticky notes on a webpage. That's exactly what we are proud to show to the PH community today. A huge thank you to all the agencies and their feedback. We have a goal of serving 100 customers by the end of the year and we are 20% there. As a celebration of our launch, you can use the code 'ProductHunt' for a 10% lifetime discount.
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@alokepillai congrats team! Love this product and the logo is πŸ™ŒπŸΌ .
@ann_marie_sebastian Thank you Ann-Marie :)
@alokepillai congrats on the launch, this looks great. The workflow in the demo looks similar to the way we use Invision for design reviews internally but with the benefit of being on a live site. Will definitely look at using this for upcoming projects!
@stub91 Hey Stuart, thank you! That's great to hear. We love Invision. We hope to make website feedback as easy as how they made prototyping easier!

As a UX Consultant, using this tool with both developers and clients has saved me HOURS of billable time because we can get right down to the "PINS" and everyone can see the comments and iterations that have been made or are in progress. Definitely a must-have in the product development cycle.



Hands down, easiest tool for getting feedback on live sites!


None so far.

Congratulations on getting this out there - amazing to see a simple and clean way to have structured feedback around elements. I could see using this internally and PM/design teams as well as for freelancers to use to get feedback from clients.
@alokepillai @haneefghanim @vstaykov Congrats on the launch fellas! Been waiting for this for a long time.

I was able to get early access to Pastel as part of a distributed product team. One benefit that might not be immediately obvious is how this organizes feedback in a way that saves everyone time.

My previous workflow consisted of a combination of edits being made in Chrome inspect element, and annotating on top of screenshots. Then, a whole bunch of back-and-forths in slack. Searching through slack and cross-referencing who's talking about what exactly is basically impossible at a certain point. Pastel solves this beautifully.


Extremely easy to pick up and use immediately, particularly with remote collaborators with a slight language barrier and non-techy clients.



Suggestion for a future build - would be cool to add searchable tags in comments, for when things get a little out of hand!