Pastel 2.0

Fast website feedback for designers and developers

#2 Product of the DayMarch 26, 2019
Pastel is the fastest way to gather visual feedback when building websites. Whether you are in the design or development phase, Pastel lets you comment directly on actual elements on a website or png/jpg files. Invite anyone to comment with just a simple link. Nothing to install or download.
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Hi Product Hunt, Pastel co-founder here. A year ago, we debuted on Product Hunt and got an overwhelmingly positive response. Your incredible support helped us spread the word and focus on the right things to build. Pastel started with a simple idea: what if we could comment directly on websites and make design and development collaboration easier and faster? We’re happy to say we’ve been able to do just that for the thousands of people that found Pastel over the last year, with over 100,000 comments on projects they’re working on. With today’s launch, we add the ability to use Pastel earlier in your web design process, with feedback on PNG & JPG mockups and designs. Now, we can confidently say Pastel can be your one feedback tool when building websites, from mockup to the final product in the browser. With this, we hope we’ll be able to help even more teams communicate better on web projects. This community’s support means a lot to us. We would love to hear about your experience with Pastel and any ways you’d like to see us improve the product. Thank you! Aloke
I *love* little tools that have huge potential. I've been watching Pastel since they first launched and am excited to hunt their latest update. Pastel 2.0, now works with your .png and .jpg mockups! Eager to see what the team comes up with next...
I love simple tools like Pastel, it just works and gets the job done easily. Congrats on the v2 launch Aloke and team!
@fahdananta Thanks Fahd!
Congrats guys! I love products that make it easier to give feedback 🎁
@robjama Thanks Robleh! :)

We love this tool, its simple, easy to use and saves loads and loads of time.


Great platform, simple to use, saves loads of time


Your stupid clients will still call to talk about changes, pro is you can still use pastal...