Make beautiful collages

Pasted is a collage app for iOS that lets you quickly create and share unique art.

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This is fun, looks like a magazine scrapbook mashed up with tumblr. ✨
My homeys from The Brigade (@zekehoward and @benfogarty) have teamed up with James Mercer from the band The Shins to build an incredible collaging app. They have been working on this app for a while, perfecting it and getting it in the hands of beta users to get feedback early and often. I'm excited to see what the community builds with this!
@zekehoward This is rad. What other paste packs are you thinking about releasing?
@thepollara thanks! We'll be releasing new ones based on themes and looking at collaborations with artists. The Shins Dead Alive Paste Pack we launched with today is a good example of how we want to collab and was based on their music video
@zekehoward I like that you're collaborating with artists for this. Extra layer of fun. I've been curious to see this app since @caseynewton mentioned it in his AMA on Product Hunt.
@barnabybones @caseynewton Thanks Jeremy! Would love to know what you think and we'll share the collabs as we launch them here. Thanks for the shoutout Casey!
Pasted is great. I really like the horizontal swiping to change the fill-ins of the stickers. I haven't seen that done before