Pastebot 2.0

Clipboard manager by Tapbot

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Eytan Buchman
@eytanbuchman · Marketing Director, Freightos
I ❤️ the crap out of this in the beta but now that I'm seeing the pricetag, I've started to look at other alternatives as well before pulling the trigger (not against giving developers money but if a solution exists for half the price, it's more money in my pocket). Because I'm genuinely curious, @tapbot_paul, how did you develop the pricing model?
Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
CMD+C is one of my favorite computing powers but I've never used a clipboard manager. For those that use one, which do you use and what use cases do you have?
Manuel Chakravarty
@tacticalgrace · Lambda Scientist, Applicative
I have been using the beta for quite a while now and this is a fabulous and very useful app. It is well worth the price. You may find cheaper alternatives, but I'd be surprised if you find one that is as expertly designed and engineered as Pastebot 👍🏼
Donte Ledbetter
@donte_ll · Marketing Manager at Stash
Does this mean no more beta?
I use www.copiedapp.com Will try this if an iOS ver comes