Pastebot 2.0

Clipboard manager by Tapbot

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I ❤️ the crap out of this in the beta but now that I'm seeing the pricetag, I've started to look at other alternatives as well before pulling the trigger (not against giving developers money but if a solution exists for half the price, it's more money in my pocket). Because I'm genuinely curious, @tapbot_paul, how did you develop the pricing model?
@eytanbuchman pricing is always a guessing game. This is somewhat of a niche app but for the users who want this type of app it offers a ton of value. Obviously not enough for many, which is why we lowered the price.
@tapbot_paul Just bought it. This is a really fantastic product - kick 🐴 job.
@tapbot_paul What was the initial price?
@billchase2 Thanks, Chase. Whoa! That would have been a deal breaker for me. I've been on beta and $10 is not bad, but I'd like to compare some of the other options people have suggested here in comments.
CMD+C is one of my favorite computing powers but I've never used a clipboard manager. For those that use one, which do you use and what use cases do you have?
@rrhoover I use Clipbuddy now, and it's truly a lifesaver. Before, I used to copy something and then something more pressing would arise and I'd erase copy 1 with whatever I copied next, to my chagrin. Having a clipboard manager helps you have an infinite buffer for copied contents and doubles as a way to reflect on what you've worked on that day (or how productive you've been). I love Tweetbot but don't know how much better this will be than Clipbuddy. I think the main differentiator is it grabs rich content as well as only text. Also, Paste seems popular, and may have better UI. Now I'm looking at different Paste apps. See what you've done, ProductHunt?
@rrhoover I use and really like but Pastebot looks interesting. It is twice the price of Paste but does seem to offer more in-depth filtering capabilities. Wish there was a trial.
@rrhoover I use Alfred, for a lot more than clipboard management, but their clipboard management is AWESOME. Here's an example: , and congrats on the big news btw :)
@rrhoover strongly recommend you look at Unclutterer. Saves your last ~50 copy/pastes (including screenshots) , has a drop down quick notes section, and you can drag files from the web/email for easy access.
@rrhoover I use Alfred, for this and a whole lot more.
I have been using the beta for quite a while now and this is a fabulous and very useful app. It is well worth the price. You may find cheaper alternatives, but I'd be surprised if you find one that is as expertly designed and engineered as Pastebot 👍🏼
Does this mean no more beta?
@donte_ll well yes now that the app is on the App Store there's not much reason for one.
I use Will try this if an iOS ver comes