Clipboard manager from the creators of Tweetbot

#1 Product of the DaySeptember 01, 2016
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Here's what the old Pastebot for iOS looked like #throwbackthursday
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@robjama Loved it to death.
@robjama good ol' days.
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This one was really great! ♥️ #goodoldtimes
@robjama Wow, that must have been long time ago. #tbt
Good to see Pastebot's return. But it needs an iOS version to be truly great. There's a whole bunch of Clipboard apps that do the job. Some are brilliant, some are adequate, some are gorgeous and goodlooking and some are functional. Curious to see what Pastebot will add.
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@t55 until we can have apps running continuously in the background on iOS, the experience for this kind of app there is never going to be great. We copy/paste far more often on Mac and so that's where we focused our energies. Pastebot 1 was an iOS app with a small Mac component. Pastebot 2 is a full fledge Mac app which should eventually have an iOS component.
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@tapbot_paul @t55 the 'widget' approach by copied on iOS is definitely a 90% good enough solution at the moment. Would love to see something similar with Pastebot.
@t55 Yes, for me syncing with iOS is the most important part of a clipboard tool, I currently use CloudClip for this. HOWEVER keep in mind that iOS10/MacOsSierra will be out this week and supports the native iOS/Mac clipboard syncing - that will make the need for a companion iOS app mostly irrelevant.
Is there any point trying this if I already use Alfred's built in clipboard feature?
@coopeh Maybe just for filtering.
@coopeh try it and see, not like it costs you much other than a bit of time. You may like it better, you may not. I tend to prefer single purpose focused utilities but an all-in-one approach may work better for you.
@coopeh I've only just installed it, and the most notable thing is the filtering, that's super powerful
Is this going to cost $19.99 when it's out of beta?
@dubstrike we normally don't decide on prices until right before release.
The best part: you can create keyboard shortcuts for your favorite GIF reactions. 😁