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Wish mobile keyboards worked like slack :disappointed: It would be the easiest way to find and use emojis :100: :100: .
I've been using @davidkmckinney's Emoji Type for this, although it doesn't support the latest emojis so I'll have to try this out. 👍
Totally get that sometimes looking for an emoji can be annoying. Not sure it warrants another separate app (for me at least). By the time you switch app, type, copy, go back, paste - probably not much time difference than just swiping through your emoji's in the keyboard.
@bentossell I agree that finding your most commonly used emoji using the Apple Keyboard is easy because you know where they are (probably in your recents). On the other hand, I would often find myself sometimes looking for an emoji that I know exists but am unable to find amongst the hundreds of emoji in the Apple Keyboard even after 15-30+ seconds of swiping. That's when Paste became extremely useful. I find myself more likely to find right emoji, faster. I explain this in more detail in my blog post:
@dasmersingh I think I could find most emoji's (not just recent) in less than 30 seconds. Which is why I'm saying, for me, having a separate app wouldn't be very efficient I don't think. Could easily be wrong!
@bentossell I might just need to bundle an autocomplete keyboard extension in Paste in a future update for more advanced emoji typists like you 😁
@dasmersingh haha it's probably more an issue on my part knowing how to source the emoji's so quickly ha
@dasmersingh I was a little disappointed​ that it didn't find any of the flag emoji's by typing the country name though.
I've actually found the @tapslash keyboard a good alternative for searching by swiping - just type in and more often than not you find the one you're looking for.