Password Crypt

Simple & secure password manager for teams & individuals

Pcrypt provides a simple overview of all your passwords and logins.

You can share your passwords and logins with your team and still ensure a complete overview of what you are sharing.

Communicate with your team members within our encrypted Messenger feature.

Your logins, passwords and other data are top secured with 256-bit AES standard.

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Use the browser extension to gather and import all your logins and passwords, instead of creating them one by one. Its easier and faster to use the browser extension!


Excellent for teams!

Easy to use!

Safe as the source code is reviewed by a professional security institution, so we dont have to worry.


Mobile app could get a design improvement :)

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Great job!! 😊 Handy for IT teams
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@ayush_chandra thank you. Yes its excellent for IT teams but also admins who control client logins/passwords like accounting and security companies. I will really recommend to install the chrome extension it makes it very easy to gather all your logins while surfing online and places them for you inside your secure Pcrypt Dashboard for a nice overview.
Giving Password Crypt a go, hope it surprise me more than dashlane
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@homers1993 great! Let me assist you if you need any help.
@raf_andersson @amindurani what lacks in other solutions such as 1Password for Teams that exists in PCrypt?
@amrith excellent question, thank you. Pcrypt offers geolocated passwords so that you easily can access the relevant password based on your location. No other password managers offers this at the moment. Beside the geolocation feature Pcrypt also offers encrypted messaging between team members as well as powerful administration of your passwords including attachments options to your passwords. Basically you get the best from the most expensive and popular password managers but with added unique features. You can see a comparison on our landing page Please let me know if you have further questions :)
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One question. You autofill the password field with the right password and all the user has to do is right click on the field inspect element and change your field type to text from password and Boom! He has the password free to use at any location or computer. How can we deal with that situation?
@fe_tech Hi Rohan Merchant I assume you are mentioning the "Hide shared password" feature? Since passwords are needed to access any external site or system, you will need the exact password to gain access for that site or system. That is why it will always be possible to view the shared password for people with the right knowledge. We will change the text to make it more informative. On our longterm roadmap we have a features to make it possible to share an access without giving away the password info but instead using cookie sessions. There are some UX difficulties which needs to be addressed for this feature to work as not all sites use standard cookies and somebody need to log in first to create the session cookie. But stay along with us and we promise to do our best to always improve the features and UX but never ever compromise on security.
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